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[Test Program]: Waiver Subtype Landing Page

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NOTE TO REVIEWERS: The goal of this intermediary page is to provide a listing of waivers within the SNAP waiver subtypes, so that individuals can find a list of all of the states that received (or did not received) a particular type of waiver.  This is modeled after the current SNAP Application Processing Waivers page, but has been cleaned up, and edited for consistency with other pages. We will duplicate this format for Claims, Quality Control, Reporting, SNAP-Ed, and Other SNAP Waivers.


Adjustments to Interview Requirements

FNS is allowing states to adjust interview requirements for SNAP applicants.

Extend Certification Periods; Waive Periodic Reports 

FNS allowed state agencies to extend certification periods and temporarily waive periodic report form submissions for households whose certification periods expired in March, April or May. In some states this was extended for June and July.

Telephonic Signature

FNS will allow the state to document in writing in the case file that a client verbally attested to the information provided on the application, instead of requiring an audio recording of the verbal attestation to constitute a valid telephonic signature.

Other Application Processing Waivers

FNS will allow states to suspend use of IEVS and in-person collection of applications and documents.

NOTE FOR REVIEWERS: For denied waivers, we are simply listing the states rather than creating full pages, as we did for the approvals above.  However, if you would like full pages for common denials, we could do that. 


Abbreviated SNAP application

FNS will not allow the state to remove information notifying the household of required information or questions that affect eligibility criteria from the application. (AR)

Adjust Verification Requirements

FNS will not allow states to temporarily adjust the requirement to verify gross nonexempt income, the identity of the applicant and/or authorized representative prior to certification. (AK, AR, DCGAIL, KY, ME, MIMN, NHNM, OHOR, RIWA)

Extend Certification Period; Waive Periodic Reports - July extension

FNS will not allow the following states to waive certification periods and periodic reports through July 31. (AZ, CO, DC, DE, IN, MT, NC, NM, OH, PA, VA)

Postpone Expedited Service Interview

FNS will not allow states to postpone expedited service interviews through July 31. (AZ)

Process All Cases as Expedited

FNS will not allow the states to process all cases as expedited cases and only require verification of identity in order to issue benefits. Efforts would be made to verify additional eligibility requirements but would not delay the issuance of benefits. (AZ, CT, MA, NJ, OH)

Waive Initial and Recertification Interview - July Extension

FNS will not allow the following states to waive initial and recertification interviews through July 31. (AZ, CO, DC, KS, MA, MO, MT, NC, NM, OH, TN, VA)

Waive Timeliness Requirement

FNS will not allow states to extend the timeframe to process SNAP applications beyond 30 days or beyond 7 days for households entitled to expedited service. (DE, MS, VA)

Page updated: July 20, 2020