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School Breakfast Toolkit

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Every student should have access to food, a healthy diet and nutrition education. The School Breakfast Program ensures these options are available.


Studies have proven that students who eat breakfast benefit nutritionally and educationally. Eating school breakfast results in increased math and reading scores. There were fewer visits to the nurse. Teachers reported improved classroom behavior, improved attentiveness. Parents reported improved performance. The majority of students who start their day with breakfast say they feel good, are happy, and more alert throughout their school day. The majority of students who do not eat breakfast say they feel bad, are angry, sick and bored throughout the school day.


This kit is designed for stakeholders at all levels who have an interest in increasing access to the School Breakfast Program, determining the type of meal service most suited to your needs and developing a marketing plan that will capture and keep all of your customers.


Individual folders will help you target a starting point and move quickly through the materials in this kit. Whether you are a school principal, a parent, or a food service director, there is something in this kit to help you enlist support from key decision makers and begin planning your new or improved breakfast program.

Included are the following tools:

  • Parent and student surveys to help you determine what parents expect and what students need
  • Worksheets to calculate revenue and the costs of serving breakfast
  • Descriptions of and ideas for various meal service options
  • Information and problem solving ideas for stakeholders at every level
  • Marketing ideas for successful operation of the program
  • Valuable resources to meet your operational needs
  • Evaluation for measuring your success

To begin, go to the file called “Successful Use of This Kit” on the left. The files on the left side of the page represent each decision maker. Find your file and it will guide you through the components of this kit.

Before implementing the School Breakfast Program in your school, you may wish to establish a baseline for attendance, tardiness and discipline referrals. The “Program Evaluation” folder contains an evaluation form you can use to assess your school.

Updated: 09/23/2003