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Tips from Award Winners: Energizing Students

Last Published: 11/14/2014

Recognizing Excellence in Nutrition and Physical Activity

Ask the students, “Do you want to be #1 in the country?” That got the students excited about and engaged in the Challenge! Gooding Elementary, ID; the first Gold Award of Distinction Winner)

Involve the principal to ensure the kids are physically active. She instituted the 'Morning Mile,' where students and faculty go out on the track and walk a mile every morning before school. (Willamina Elementary, OR)

Assemble a Nutrition Club! One of the club activities can be students going into classrooms to promote new ideas. The food service staff can use this as a means to get students to, for example, try fat free milk and a new recipe that they have just created. (Gooding Elementary, Idaho)

Hold a health fair where each class puts together a table of information on a specific health topic. The class with the best table gets to celebrate by having a party; throw a luau! (Willamina Elementary, OR)

Offer afterschool clubs, including yoga, volleyball, soccer, and inline skating, to keep the kids active. (Central Elementary, TX)

Allow students to demonstrate their new computer skills in creating a PowerPoint presentation on fitness and nutrition at the end of the year. These presentations can be displayed for all to see during open houses, parent/teacher conferences, and registration. (Gooding Elementary, ID)

Use hands on activities with the students, such as making edible arrangements of fruits and vegetables, to make nutrition education fun! (Lynne Duda, Nutrition Services Director,  Willamina Elementary, OR)

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