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Tips from Award Winners: Getting Started

Last Published: 11/14/2014

Recognizing Excellence in Nutrition and Physical Activity

Become familiar with Team Nutrition's HealthierUS School Challenge: Smarter Lunchrooms site and, in particular, the HUSSC: SL Application Kit. The FAQs are particularly useful! (Central Elementary, TX)

Form a team of administrators, food managers, PE teachers, and anybody willing to be involved. Be sure to involve kids in menu planning! (Scott County, KY)

Work with USDA State Representatives when you start the process to make sure your time and efforts are not wasted and that the form is being filled out correctly. (Krauss Elementary, TX)

Present the Challenge at a meeting with your school principal. It is important to state very succinctly what you need help with in terms of leadership and prioritization. (ISD 196, MN)

Make changes at the beginning of the school year. Make sure the changes are gradual so students hardly notice. Find someone that is just as passionate as you are to really get the ball rolling. Use your state department of education as a supportive resource. (Gooding Elementary, ID)

Have dietetic interns help with nutrition education and promotional programs. They are full of creativity and valuable information! (ISD 196, MN)  

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