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FNS Student Internship Program

FNS offers internship programs for college undergraduate and graduates students. Each program has unique eligibility requirements, qualifications, application processes, service obligations, and training and development experiences. The "student intern program" could be a paid or unpaid internship. The internship opportunity gives students insight into considering a future career with USDA by providing exceptional opportunities to gain real-world experiences and learn about their chosen career field. internship is an excellent way to begin a long-term career with the Agency that is rewarding, exciting and challenging.

Internship Program

The internship programs provide paid and unpaid work experience to students who are in high school or pursuing an undergraduate or graduate degree in an accredited college or university (including home-schooling, certificate programs and community colleges). Internships can be seasonal (Summer, Fall, Spring) or year-round.

Who can apply for the USDA student intern program?

Students ages 16 or older in high schools, community colleges, 4 year colleges/universities, trade schools, career/ technical education programs, graduate programs and other qualifying educational institutions and programs, as determined by the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) are all qualified to apply.

How can you apply for the USDA student intern program?

Eligibility and application instructions are available at USDA student internship programs and at USAJobs.

Recent Graduates

The recent graduate program provides individuals who have recently graduated from qualifying educational institutions or programs with developmental experiences in the federal government intended to promote possible careers in the civil service.

Fellowship Programs

Fellowship programs are prestigious, competitive programs that support leadership development of recent graduates who have been per-qualified or recommended by a network of graduate schools. Graduates are provided with a 2 year appointment at USDA that leads to conversion to a permanent appointment.