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FY 2023 SNAP Fraud Framework Implementation Grant


The SNAP Fraud Framework Implementation Grant program supports state agency efforts to improve and expand recipient fraud prevention, detection and investigation efforts using the procedures, ideas and practices outlined in the SNAP Fraud Framework. Successful applications will specifically incorporate one or more of these procedures, ideas and practices in their proposals. This grant opportunity is not intended to support retailer fraud-related projects. It is understood, however, that recipient fraud prevention efforts may necessarily involve collaborative work with SNAP authorized retailers or with FNS to address retailers complicit in committing fraud.

In response to the increase in SNAP benefit theft, FNS is strongly encouraging states to submit proposals that aim to prevent, detect, and respond to false application or certification attempts, phishing, and card skimming schemes.

Applicants should identify projects that best fit the needs of the state and that the state can successfully implement. Additionally, we encourage applicants to consider foundational projects that the state agency can build on for future growth in the fraud control area, such as data quality improvement, strategic planning, or the development of a training program. However, applicants may use grant funds to build on previous developments.

The SNAP Fraud Framework factsheet provides an overview of the seven components of the framework. State agencies that do not have access to the SNAP Fraud Framework should contact their FNS regional office.

Critical Dates
April 5, 2023Request for Applications posted on
June 4, 2023Applications due on
August 15, 2023Anticipated award date
August 31, 2023Anticipated project period of performance start date
Who May Apply

This grant opportunity is open to the 53 state agencies that administer SNAP. State agencies may submit applications on behalf of specific counties or districts. FNS will consider only one application per state agency.

Funding and Duration

Section 29(a) of the Food and Nutrition Act of 2008 (7 USC 2036) authorizes FNS to provide grants on a competitive basis to state agencies to strengthen program integrity activities in SNAP.

FNS awards these grants through a competitive process. Grantees may use the grant funds for the duration of the three-year project period. FNS anticipates awarding between 8 and 12 SNAP Fraud Framework Implementation Grant awards.

FNS reminds applicants that the submission of a proposal does not guarantee funding. Funding for approved grants will be provided through the Grant Award/Letter of Credit process, in the same manner as other funds, upon receipt of a properly executed Grant Agreement and subject to the availability of funding. All SNAP Fraud Framework Implementation Grant funds must be obligated and all activities under the grant must be completed by end of the project period of performance.

If the proposed project funded with this grant benefits other programs in addition to SNAP, then the costs must be allocated appropriately between all of the benefiting programs. This grant funding can only be used for SNAP’s share of the costs.

Application for Federal Assistance Forms

When submitting your application, ensure you have submitted the following:

The forms are available on the application package on

Congratulations 2023 SNAP Fraud Framework Implementation Grantees

In 2023, the SNAP Fraud Framework Implementation Grant Program supported five grantees with funding for their projects. To learn more about the grantees, please see the FY 23 project descriptions.

Past Awards

For reference, the press release for SNAP Fraud Framework awards made in previous fiscal years can be found at the following links:

Page updated: November 09, 2023