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FY 24 Behind the Tray - Food Science for School Meals


The purpose of the Behind the Tray – Food Science for School Meals cooperative agreement, is to develop and implement a week-long in-person science-based food safety education training program. The education program is designed to enhance the food science literacy of school nutrition professionals. Program participants should learn the fundamentals of food science and food processing, with a special emphasis on food safety and food microbiology topics, learn how this information applies to their job, apply this knowledge to their nutrition programs, and how to better communicate these topics to stakeholders.


Eligible entities are private institutions of higher education and public and state controlled institutions of higher education. And to be eligible, the eligible entities noted must also demonstrate all of the following:

  1. Demonstrate experience and expertise in developing and delivering in-person adult training programs in food science, nutrition, agricultural science, or similar fields.
  2. Demonstrate access to the necessary facilities, equipment, and content experts necessary to develop and deliver the course.
  3. Demonstrate successful completion of rigorous research through publication of research in peer-reviewed journals within the food science, nutrition, agricultural sciences, or similar fields.
Page updated: May 16, 2024