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Food and Nutrition Innovator Podcast

Last Published: 06/18/2013


The Food and Nutrition Innovators Podcast features interviews with the influential, creative, and visionary people in the food and nutrition world who are trying to end hunger, improve nutrition, combat obesity, and improve our food systems on the whole.  The simple goal of the podcast is to inform and inspire. If you know of an innovator in the food and nutrition world or are an innovator yourself, please email ideas for possible episode topics to


Tiger G.

Who is Tiger G? (05.03.13)
Tiger G is a Freshman in High School who is trying to use his story of rediscovery and renewal to inspire other big kids around the country to turn their lives around.  At age 12, Tiger G weighed 250 pounds, but through grit and determination he is now much healthier and travels the country as a Fuel Up to Play 60 Student Ambassador to motivate kids whose shoes he once filled. 
(Interview transcript download)