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PSU is a one-week training course designed to help school foodservice staff identify and manage food safety risks associated with fresh produce. PSU addresses produce purchased from traditional suppliers, direct from farmers, and through the DoD Fresh program. Check out this factsheet for more information. 

The course was developed jointly by USDA’s Food and Nutrition Service (FNS) and USDA’s Agricultural Marketing Service (AMS). Training materials based on the course curriculum are available at the Produce Safety University resources page.

What topics are taught in PSU?

The PSU curriculum covers all aspects of the fresh produce supply chain including growing, harvesting, storage, and preparation. through PSU, participants learn about the following topics:

  • Understanding Good Agricultural Practices (GAPs) and Good Handling Practices (GHPs).
  • Writing specifications for fresh and fresh-cut produce.
  • Assessing produce upon receiving to ensure that it meets bid specifications.
  • Storing fresh produce properly.
  • Handling fresh produce during food preparation and service.

PSU includes a combination of classroom training, laboratory instruction, and field trips. Previous classes have visited fresh-cut processing facilities, produce distributors, a terminal market, and farms. Check out the graduate testimonials to find out how participants have incorporated the training into their program operations.

How does PSU support Farm to School?

The PSU curriculum addresses fresh produce from all sources, including farms. Farm to School is integrated into classroom lectures and discussion throughout the course. Participants leave with increased knowledge of farming operations and business practices, which helps them communicate and partner with farmers. Participants also learn about local and regional sourcing on field trips to produce distributors.

Many participants are involved in Farm to School efforts at the state or local levels. Past participants have integrated PSU training materials into conference programs, workshops, seminars, or other trainings that support Farm to School.

Find out more about Farm to School.

Who can attend?

PSU is open to state agency staff who work with the National School Lunch Program and school foodservice program directors and staff who operate the National School Lunch Program at the local level.

How can I attend?

FNS invites state agencies to nominate participants to attend PSU. FNS typically accepts nominations between October and December each year. If you are interested in attending a future PSU class, contact your state agency that administers child nutrition programs or food distribution programs. Participants can find additional information for current students.

Are training materials available?

Training materials and resources have been developed with the following federal agencies and partners:

  • USDA Agricultural Marketing Service (AMS)
  • Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
  • Institute of Child Nutrition(ICN)
  • School Nutrition Association (SNA)

Videos, fact sheets, webinars, and training presentations are posted on the Produce Safety University resources page, including a summary of PSU's impact on graduates.

Page updated: June 04, 2024