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Lavar antes de almacenar

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These five videos offer “tricks of the trade” to help food service operators keep produce safe and at a high quality. This series is available in English and Spanish.

Photo of Tom discussing ethylene gasEthylene Gas (56 seconds)Discussing ethylene gasEtileno (1:04)
Discussing ready-to-eat produceReady to Eat (1:03)Discussing Listo-para-el-consumoListo-para-el-consumo (1:07)
Discussing storage temperaturesStorage Temperatures (57 seconds)Discussing storage temperaturesTomando la Temperatura (59 seconds)
Discussing temperature readingsTemperature Readings (1:09)Discussing temperature readingsTemperaturas (1:07)
Discussing washing produceWashing Produce (1:07)Discussing washing produceLavar antes de almacenar (1:13)
Page updated: January 10, 2024