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Food That's In When School Is Out -- The Summer Food Service Program and Afterschool Meals

Last Published: 09/01/2015


Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Description: Help feed children when they are out of school whether for summer break or afterschool when classes end.

Background on the Summer Food Service Program
Every summer when school ends, millions of kids and teens are at risk of going hungry because they no longer have access to the free and reduced-price meals they received when they were in school.  The USDA has created the Summer Food Service Program (SFSP) to cover this summer meal gap.   However, SFSP is one of the most underutilized government programs with only about 16% of eligible kids participating.  This is why we need your help.  You, as an individual or organization, can get involved in so many different ways.  You can serve the meals, promote the program, provide transportation, volunteer at summer food sites, or even go out and find new sites and sponsors.  For more information about SFSP please visit:

Background on the Child and Adult Care Food Program Afterschool Meals Component
Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP) meals and snacks give a nutritional boost to children, including teenagers through age 18, in eligible afterschool programs in lower income areas in every state.  Why combine meals and activities after school?  When school is out and parents are still at work, children need a safe place to be with their friends, with structured activities, and supportive adults.  Afterschool programs that serve meals and snacks draw children and teenagers into constructive activities that are safe, fun, and filled with opportunities for learning. The food gives them the nutrition they need to learn and grow.  For more information about CACFP Afterschool Meals please visit: