Nondiscrimination Statement

Last Published: 06/22/2018

The Nondiscrimination Statement (NDS) is for use by State and local agencies and their subrecipients for all FNS Programs. 

All documents, pamphlets, websites, etc., should be updated as follows:

  • All new printing must use the 2015 NDS,
  • All websites must use the 2015 NDS,
  • All documents, pamphlets, brochures, etc., using 2013 NDS language should be updated at the next printing when supplies are exhausted.

The following are NDS translations for SNAP, SNAP-Ed, FDPIR and all other FNS Nutrition Assistance Programs (i.e. CACFP, CSFP, FDD, NSLP, SFSP, WIC, etc.).

Amharic - [PDF] [Word]

Arabic - [PDF] [Word]

Armenian - [PDF] [Word]

Chinese, Simplified - [PDF] [Word]

Chinese, Traditional - [PDF] [Word]

Creole - [PDF] [Word]

English - [PDF] [Word]

Farsi - [PDF] [Word]

Hindi - [PDF] [Word]

Hmong - [PDF] [Word]

Khmer - [PDF] [Word]


Korean - [PDF] [Word]

Laotian - [PDF] [Word]

Polish - [PDF] [Word]

Portuguese - [PDF] [Word]

Russian - [PDF] [Word]

Serbo-Croatian - [PDF] [Word]

Somali - [PDF] [Word]

Spanish - [PDF] [Word]

Thai - [PDF] [Word]

Urdu - [PDF] [Word]

Vietnamese - [PDF] [Word]