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FNS National Office

Food and Nutrition Service 703-305-2060

Cindy Long, Administrator

     LaTisha Savoy, Senior Program Advisor
     Roberto Contreras, Director, Civil Rights Division
     Sara Bleich, Director of Nutrition Security and Health Equity
     Rebecca Piazza, Senior Advisor for Technology and Delivery

Assistant Administrator & COO 703-305-2064
Tameka Owens, Assistant Administrator & Chief Operating Officer (COO)
     David Burr, Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
     Renee Gore, Chief Information Officer (CIO)
Regional Operations & Support 703-305-2062
     Tim English, Associate Administrator  
Office of Retailer Operations and Compliance 703-305-2060
     Bob Pitulej, Deputy Administrator  
Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program 703-305-2022
     Jessica Shahin, Associate Administrator  
Child Nutrition Programs 703-305-2054
     Kristen Hyatt, Deputy Administrator (Acting)  
Center for Nutrition Policy & Promotion 703-305-7600
     Jackie Haven, Deputy Administrator  
Office of Policy Support 703-305-2017
     Melissa Abelev, Deputy Administrator (Acting)  
Supplemental Nutrition & Safety Programs 703-305-2052
     Diane Kriviski, Deputy Administrator