Date Document# Title
FY2020 PTIG Webinar #1
Basic Guidelines for SNAP Retailers
Information for Cashiers When Accepting SNAP Benefits
SNAP Transactions and Payment
SNAP Retailer Authorization Video
ABAWD Policy and Operations Training for State SNAP Agencies
Webinar: Rule Changes to ABAWD Waivers and Discretionary Exemptions (slides with additional detail and content)
Final Rulemaking: Requirements for Able-Bodied Bodied Adults Without Dependents Webinar for States
SNAP at Farmers Markets: Incentives
SNAP at Farmers Markets: Advertising and Marketing
SNAP E&T In Action: Self-Sufficiency
SNAP E&T in Action: Fit for Purpose
SNAP E&T in Action: New Partnerships
SNAP E&T in Action: Economic Impact
Writing SNAP-Ed Stories: Simple Strategies for Success
Better Jobs and Increased Incomes: Integrating SNAP E&T into Career Pathway Programs
Enhancing Retailer Standards in SNAP – Stocking Requirements
SNAP E&T Outcome Reporting Requirements Webinar
SNAP at Farmers Markets: Building Partnerships
SNAP at Farmers Markets: Advertising and Marketing
SNAP at Farmers Markets: Incentives
SNAP to Skills Webinar on Community and Technical College Partnerships
Leveraging FNS Programs in a Lead Exposure Crisis
Finding SNAP-Ed Materials the Easy Way
Securing Third-Party Partners for SNAP E&T Programs
Fight Lead with Healthy Foods
SNAP Major Changes Webinars
SNAP Federal Disability Requirements Webinar