Date Document# Title
2014 Farm Bill Pilot Projects
SNAP Data Tables
Puerto Rico Nutrition Assistance Program
SNAP Redemptions Report, FY 2013-2019
Comment Request - SNAP 2008 Farm Bill Provisions on Clarification of Split Issuance; Accrual of Benefits and Definition Changes
Non-Merit System Personnel Guidance for Call Centers (2020 Revision)
Calculating the SNAP Program Access Index: A Step-By-Step Guide
Waivers of Rules
SNAP Unemployment Data and Methods for ABAWD Waivers
Work Requirement Policy Resources
Webinar: Rule Changes to ABAWD Waivers and Discretionary Exemptions (slides with additional detail and content)
FNS Handbook 901 - Advance Planning Documents
Keys to Payment Accuracy
ABAWD Waivers
Feasibility of Revising the SNAP Quality Control Review Process
Final Rulemaking: Requirements for Able-Bodied Bodied Adults Without Dependents Webinar for States
Broad-Based Categorical Eligibility (BBCE)
Final Rule: SNAP Requirements for Able-Bodied Adults Without Dependents
State Agency Readiness to Apply the ABAWD Time Limit and Serve ABAWDs
Implementation of Regulatory Changes to ABAWD Waiver Standards and Discretionary Exemptions
Questions and Answers: Final Rulemaking Requirements for ABAWDs
Final Rule: Employment for Work-Capable Adults
Comment Request - SNAP Operating Guidelines, Forms and Waivers
Assessment of the Collection, Analysis, Validation, and Reporting of SNAP Employment and Training Data
SNAP 313 How Do I Apply for SNAP Benefits?
Characteristics of Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program Households: Fiscal Year 2018
Employment and Training Resources Available to States
PTIG Program Two-Pager May 2019
Comment Request - SNAP Trafficking Controls and Fraud Investigations
Questions and Answers: Final Rule Implementation Memo for Lottery and Gambling Provisions
Comment Request - SNAP State Agency Options for Standard Utility Allowances and Self-Employment Income
Proposed Rule: Revision of Categorical Eligibility in the SNAP
Revision of Categorical Eligibility in SNAP - Reopening of Comment Period
Farm Bill
Proposed Rule: SNAP Standardization of State Heating and Cooling Standard Utility Allowances
Modernizing the State Heating and Cooling Standard Utility Allowances
Comments Request - Survey of SNAP and Work
Trends in Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program Participation Rates: Fiscal Year 2010 to Fiscal Year 2017
D-SNAP Resources for State Agencies and Partners
Scanner Capability Assessment of SNAP-Authorized Small Retailers
United States Citizenship and Immigration Service restated its longstanding policy regarding Public Charge
State Enforcement of the Legal Responsibilities of Sponsors of Non-Citizens
Identity Authentication Pilot Projects – Conversion to State Option
Information from Third Party Payroll Sources
SNAP Community Characteristics - Arizona
SNAP Community Characteristics - Wyoming
SNAP Community Characteristics - Wisconsin
SNAP Community Characteristics - West Virginia
SNAP Community Characteristics - Washington
SNAP Community Characteristics - Virginia