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Date FNS Document# Title
SP28-2017 Revised Prototype Free and Reduced Price Application for SY 2017-2018
COVID–19: Child Nutrition Response #97 Nationwide Waiver to Provide Flexibility for School Meal Programs Administrative Reviews of SFAs Operating Only the SSO in SY 2021-22
SP21 CACFP12 SFSP12-2020 Q&As related to Food Service Management Company Contracts and Allowable Costs during the COVID-19 Pandemic
SP11 CACFP06 SFSP05-2020 Q&As related to the Child Nutrition Program Monitoring and Reporting Nationwide Waivers
SP20 CACFP07 SFSP06-2019 Federal Micro-Purchase and Simplified Acquisition Thresholds
FNS-640 FNS-640: SY 2017-18 Instructions and Reporting Guidance
SP13-2018 Administrative Review – Revised Manual, Forms, and Tools (SY 2018-19)
SP43-2017 Revised SY16-17 SFA-3 Administrative Review Form for FNS-640 Reporting
SP38-2017 Compliance with and Enforcement of the Buy American Provision in the NSLP
SP31-2017 Clarifications for Fiscal Action School Food Authority-Wide for Administrative Reviews in SY 2016-17
SP25-2017 FNS-640: Administrative Review Report Form and Instructions
CACFP11-2017 Request for Additional FY 2017 CACFP Audit Funds
SP21-2017 Reporting Guidance for Results of the Administrative Reviews Conducted in SY 2015-16
SP07-2017 Completion of Fiscal Action in SY 2016-17 Administrative Reviews
SP54-2016 Community Eligibility Provision: Guidance and Updated Q&As
SP51-2016 Ensuring Year-long Eligibility in the School Lunch and School Breakfast Programs
SP44-2016 Administrative Review: Revised Manual, Forms, and Tools for SY2016-17
SP04 CACFP04 SFSP04-2016 Local Agency Procurement Reviews: SY 2015-16
SP27 CACFP09 SFSP12-2015 Administrative Review Process Regarding the CN Label, Watermarked CN Label and Manufacturer’s Product Formulation Statement
CACFP02-2015 CACFP: Role and Requirements of Administrative Review Officials
SP56-2016 Additional Guidance for the Implementation of the Administrative Reviews in School Nutrition Programs Final Rule
SP46-2013 SNP Administrative Reviews: Assessing Compliance Using an Approved Menu Planning Tool
SP01 CACFP01 SFSP01-2013 Federal Small Purchase Threshold Adjustment
FD-110; SP05-2011 Further Clarification in Crediting for, and Use of, Donated Foods in Contracts with Food Service Management Companies
SP01 CACFP01 SFSP01-2010 Applying Geographic Preferences in Procurements for the Child Nutrition Programs
SP01-2006 Funding Administrative Review and Training
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