Date Document# Title
SP09 CACFP03 SFSP02-2015 Written Codes of Conduct and Performance of Employees Engaged in Award and Administration of Contracts
SP08-2015 Updated E-Rate Guidance for Schools Electing Community Eligibility
SP07-2015 Assessing Proposed Nutrition Education Costs in the NSLP and SBP
SP06-2015 Farm to School and School Garden Expenses
SP02-2015 Online Fees in the School Meal Programs
SP66-2014 Information and Guidance on the Domestic Beef Market
SP65-2014 Instructions for Reporting State Administrative Funds for Implementing the New Meal Patterns
SP63-2014 Smart Snacks Standards for Exempt Foods when Paired Together
SP62-2014 New LEA Second Review of Applications Report
SP59-2014 State Agency Fundraiser Elections and Exemptions
SP53-2014 Transition of Foods and Foods of Minimal Nutritional Value to Smart Snacks in School Standards
SP51-2014 Eligibility Effective Date for Directly Certified Students
SP46 CACFP12 SFSP18-2014 Disaster Response
SP44-2014 Q&As Related to the Independent Review of Applications
SP40-2014 Smart Snacks Nutrition Standards and Culinary Education Programs
SP42 SFSP17 CACFP11-2014 Sharing Aggregate Data to Expand Program Access and Services in Child Nutrition Programs
SP41-2014 Clarification of the Policy on Food Consumption Outside of Foodservice Area, and the Whole Grain-Rich Requirement
SP36-2014 Smart Snacks Nutrition Standards and Exempt Fundraisers
SP35-2014 Grain Entrees Related to the Smart Snacks in School Standards
SP30-2014 Determining Eligibility for Two Cent Differential Reimbursement in New Schools
SP26-2014 New Q&As Related to the Certification of Compliance with Meal Requirements for the NSLP
SP25-2014 School Food Authorities Purchasing Produce from U.S. Department of Defense Vendors Using Section 4 & 11 or Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program Funds
SP24-2014 Additional Administrative Reviews Guidance
SP17-2014 Discretionary Elimination of Reduced Price Charges in the School Meal Programs