Date FNS Document# EO Guidance Document # Title
Policy Memorandum 2021-01 FNS-GD-2021-0078 Administrative and Judicial Review
SNAP Grants for States Using Third Party Income Databases for Verification 2021
FNS-GD-2021-0054 FDPIR, TEFAP, and CSFP Income Exclusions under the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021
WIC Policy Memorandum: #2021-7 FNS-GD-2021-0070 Income Exclusions Under ARPA
SFMNP Policy Memorandum #2021-1 FNS-GD-2021-0024 SFMNP 2021-2022 Income Eligibility Guidelines
WIC Policy Memorandum: #2021-5 FNS-GD-2021-0025 WIC 2021-2022 Income Eligibility Guidelines
FNS-GD-2021-0027 Commodity Supplemental Food Program: Income Guidelines for 2021
FNS-GD-1998-0002 Cumulative PRWORA Q&As on Food Stamp Fraud, Disqualifications, and Recipient Claims