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Date FNS Document# Title
FDPIR Administrative Match Waiver for Substantial Burden Memorandum
Flexibilities to Support Outreach, Innovation, and Modernization
WPM 2023-6 WIC Policy Memo #2023-6: Streamlining Certification Documentation Guidance
USDA Professional Standards Training Tracker Tool
Generic Clearance for Stakeholder Feedback and Surveys as Part of FNS Planning
Information Collection for the National School Lunch Program
Operational Challenges in Child Nutrition Programs Surveys
Determining Eligibility for Free and Reduced Price Meals and Free Milk
Healthy Meals Incentives Recognition Awards Application for SFAs
WIC Breastfeeding Award of Excellence
CACFP National Disqualified List
WPM 2023-5 WIC Policy Memorandum #2023-5: Data Sharing to Improve Outreach and Streamline Certification in WIC
2023-08334 Comment Request: Review of Major Changes in SNAP
FD-152: Discontinuance of the High Security Seal Requirement for USDA Foods Deliveries
Extension of Comment Period - CNP Revisions to Meal Patterns Consistent with the 2020 DGAs
WPM 2023-4 WIC Publication of the 2023-2024 Income Eligibility Guidelines
SFMNP Publication of the 2023-24 Income Eligibility Guidelines
TEFAP Availability of Foods for FY 2023
Comment Request: Food Distribution Programs: Renewing Burden Number 0584-0293
Comment Request on Proposed Rule: Child Nutrition Programs - Revisions to Meal Patterns Consistent with the 2020 DGAs
WIC Online Ordering and Transactions and Food Delivery Revisions to Meet the Needs of a Modern, Data-Driven Program
Child Nutrition Programs: Community Eligibility Provision - Increasing Options for Schools
SNAP-Ed National Program Evaluation and Reporting System (N-PEARS)
Semiannual Regulatory Agenda - Fall 2022
WIC Income Eligibility Guidelines (2023-24)
SP04-2023, CACFP04-2023 FY 2023 Reallocation of State Administrative Expense Funds in Child Nutrition Programs
Comment Request: SNAP Trafficking Controls and Investigations (Card Replacement Revision)
Comment Request: Servicing SNAP Applicants and Participants with Limited English Proficiency
Comment Request: Understanding the Relationship Between Poverty, Well-Being, and Food Security
Child Nutrition Programs: Income Eligibility Guidelines (2023-2024)
FY 2023 Food and Administrative Funding for TEFAP
Agency Information Collection Activities: Waiver Requests To Offer Incentives to SNAP Recipients at SNAP Authorized Stores
Conditions for Funds Available for the Storage and Distribution of CCC USDA Foods
Information Collection: Evaluation of the School-Based Child Nutrition Programs
WPM 2023-3 WIC Policy Memorandum #2023-3 Unwinding Infant Formula Flexibilities in WIC
Replacement of SNAP Benefits in the Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2023
CSFP: Income Guidelines for 2023
Correction: SFSP 2023 Reimbursement Rates
Announcement of First Meeting of the 2025 Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee and Request for Comments
CSFP: Caseload Assignments for the 2023 Caseload Cycle and Administrative Grants
Comment Request: Waivers Under Section 6(o) of the Food and Nutrition Act
SNAP Emergency Allotments (EA) Provision in the Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2023
WIC FMNP and SFMNP FY 2022 Guidance Package
Comment Request: State Administrative Expense Funds
Comment Request: Generic Clearance to Conduct Formative Research or Development of Nutrition Education and Promotion Materials and Related Tools and Grants for FNS Population Groups
WPM 2023-1 Abbott Infant Formula Recall Waiver Expiration Memo
Food Distribution Program on Indian Reservations Self-Determination Demonstration Project: Solicitation of Proposals for Additional Tribal Organizations to Participate
Information Collection: Additional Information To Be Collected for Reach and Resiliency-Round 2 Grants Under Uniform Grant Application Package for Discretionary Grant Programs
Comment Request- Understanding the Relationship Between Poverty, Well-Being and Food Security
Comment Request - Food Programs Reporting System