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Date FNS Document# EO Guidance Document # Title
WIC Eligibility for Imported Infant Formula
CN Flexibilities for Summer 2022 and School Year 2022-23
Proposed Rule: SNAP-Revision of Civil Rights Data Collection Methods
FNS-908 FNS-908: Grant Performance Progress Report
WBSCM References
And Justice for All Posters (Guidance and Translations)
Comment Request - SNAP-Ed National Program Evaluation and Reporting System
Comment Request - Quality Control Review Schedule - FNS 380
Comment Request - SNAP Regulations—Quality Control
Follow-up Letter to State Health Commissioners
FNS-GD-2019-0098 FNS Handbook 501 for FDPIR
TEFAP Reach and Resiliency Grant Initiative
TEFAP Reach and Resiliency: Round One Projects
Seeding Success 2022 Webinar 4: Building a Culture of Farm to School
Information Collection: Senior Farmers' Market Nutrition Program
SNAP-Ed 30th Anniversary Theme Art
SNAP-Ed 30th Anniversary Photos
Crediting Tip Sheets in Child Nutrition Programs
Crediting Fruits in Child Nutrition Programs Tip Sheet
Crediting Vegetables in Child Nutrition Programs Tip Sheet
Letter to State Health Commissioner Regarding Infant Formula
Seeding Success 2022 Webinar 3: Purchasing Outside the Box: Local Procurement Beyond the Apple
FY 2022 Team Nutrition Training Grant Recipients
Transitioning to Normal Child Nutrition Operations: Additional Waiver Opportunities
Seeding Success 2022 Webinar 2: Track It! How to Make Your Farm to School Efforts Count
Additional Federal Funds to Support State Agencies and Program Operators Transitioning Program Operations
Comment Request - Food Program Reporting System (FNS-583 and FNS-366B)
Operating P-EBT During a Covered Summer Period - Q&As
P-EBT State Plan Template - Summer 2022
Information Collection: Generic Clearance for the Development of Nutrition Education Messages and Products for the General Public
Information Collection: Special Milk Program for Children
GS1 GDSN and the USDA Foods Database FAQs
USDA Foods e-Letters
Nondiscrimination Statement
FY22 Food and Administrative Funding for TEFAP
Seeding Success 2022 Webinar 1: Let it Grow! Sowing Knowledge in Edible Gardens
Comment Request - SNAP Mobile Payment Pilots
634 The Food Buying Guide
864 Feeding Kids When Schools Are Closed
Comment Request - Uniform Grant Application Package for Discretionary Grant Programs
CSFP: Revised Maximum Monthly Distribution Rates to Return to Full Vegetable Issuance
USDA Foods Database
USDA DoD Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program
930 Nutrient Analysis Protocols: How to Analyze Menus for USDA’s School Meals Programs
Comment Request - Federal-State Supplemental Nutrition Programs Agreement (FNS-339)
Rapid Cycle Evaluation of Operational Improvements in SNAP E&T Programs
Information Collection: SNAP Reporting of Lottery and Gambling and Resource Verification
IFMS NewsWatch
IFMS Release Updates
Integrated Food Management System (IFMS)