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Date FNS Document# Title
FNS-380-1: Quality Control Review Schedule - FY 2024 Reviews
FNS-245 FNS-245: SNAP Negative Case Action Review Schedule
FNS-380-1 FNS-380-1: Quality Control Review Schedule - FY 2023 Reviews
FNS-380 FNS-380: Worksheet for Quality Control Reviews
Farm to School Grantee Progress Reports (2021 Grantees)
Farm to School Grantee Progress Reports (2022 Grantees)
Farm to School Grant - Interim Progress Reports (2020 Grantees)
FNS-525: State Administrative Expense Funds Reallocation Report
Form FNS-10: Report of School Program Operations
SNAP E&T Program Activity Report (FNS-583)
Meal Benefit Income Eligibility Form
Farm to School Grantee Reports
Information Collection: Summer Food Site Locations for State Agencies (FNS-905)
Federal-State Agreement Child Nutrition and Food Distribution Programs
FNS-908 FNS-908: Grant Performance Progress Report
Comment Request - Quality Control Review Schedule - FNS 380
Form FNS-7 FNS-7: Destination Data for Delivery of Donated Foods
FNS-155 FNS-155: Inventory Management Register
FNS-418 Form FNS-418: Report of the Summer Food Service Program for Children
FNS-44: Report of the Child and Adult Care Food Program
FNS-152 FNS-152: Monthly Distribution of Donated Foods to Family Units
FNS-674 FNS-674: User Access Request Form
FNS-292A FNS-292a: Report of Commodity Distribution for Disaster Relief
FNS-13 FNS-13: Annual Report of State Revenue Matching
Comment Request: User Access Request (FNS-674)
FNS-366B FNS-366B: SNAP Program Activity Statement
FNS-828: School Food Authority Paid Lunch Price Report
FNS-834: State Agency Direct Certification Rate Data Element Report
FNS-742: School Food Authority Verification Collection Report
FNS-777: Financial Status Report
FNS-13: Annual Report of State Revenue Matching
2005 Free and Reduced Price Lunch School Meals Application and Verification Forms
FNS-292b FNS-292b: Report of Disaster Food Stamp Benefit Issuance
FNS-191 FNS-191: Racial/Ethnic Group Participation - CSFP
Supplemental Form: Free and Reduced Price Meal Participation Implementation Grants (All Others)
FNS-711: Supplemental Form for Collecting Taxpayer Identifying Numbers
FNS-101 FNS-101: Participation in Food Programs - by Race
FNS-667 FNS-667: Report of The Emergency Food Assistance Program (TEFAP) Administrative Costs
FNS-153 FNS-153: Monthly Report of the CSFP and Quarterly Administrative Financial Status Report
FNS-57 FNS-57: Report of Shipment Received Over, Short and/or Damaged
AD-1049 AD-1049: USDA Certification Regarding Drug-Free Work Place Requirements Alternative I - For Grantees Other than Individuals
FSA-21 FSA-21: Public Voucher - Commodity Programs
AD-1048: Certification Regarding Debarment, Suspension, Ineligibility and Voluntary Exclusion - Lower Tier Covered Transactions
Page updated: November 20, 2019