Date FNS Document# EO Guidance Document # Title
Mealtimes With Toddlers in the CACFP
FNS-GD-2020-0014 Crediting Handbook for the Child and Adult Care Food Program
FNS-GD-2019-0047 At-Risk Afterschool Care Handbook
FNS-GD-2019-0046 Guidance for Management Plans and Budgets
PL 116–94 Richard B. Russell National School Lunch Act
FNS-GD-2018-0044 Monitoring Handbook for State Agencies
FNS-GD-2018-0021 2018 Nutrition Guide
FNS-GD-2018-0001 Food Buying Guide for Child Nutrition Programs
FNS-GD-2016-0029 2016 Administrative Guidance for Sponsors
FNS-GD-2014-0045 Responding to Food Recall Procedures for Recalls of USDA Foods
FNS-GD-2014-0035 Adult Day Care - A Child and Adult Care Food Program Handbook
FNS-GD-2013-0024 Stomach Bug Book
FNS-GD-2013-0046 Programa de Servicio de Alimentos para Niños durante el Verano ¡Hay comida cuando no hay clases!
FNS-GD-2013-0044 2016 Monitor's Guide
FNS-GD-2013-0045 The Summer Food Service Program Food That’s In When School is Out!
FNS-GD-2012-0074 2016 Nutrition Guidance for Sponsors
FNS-GD-2012-0019 Handling Fresh Produce in Classrooms
FNS-GD-2012-0005 Family Day Care Homes Monitor Handbook
FNS-GD-2012-0007 Family Day Care Home Monitor Handbook
FNS-GD-2012-0001 Coordinated Review Effort Procedures Manual
FNS-GD-2011-0043 Fresh Fruits and Vegetable Program - A Handbook for Schools
PL 111–296 PL 111–296 - Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010
PL 111–296 Child Nutrition Act of 1966
FNS-GD-2013-0043 A Guide To Starting The Summer Food Service Program In Your Community
FNS-GD-2009-0033 Contracting with Food Service Management Companies
FNS-GD-2009-0007 Contracting with Food Service Management Companies
FNS-GD-2007-0031 Child Nutrition Labeling for Juice Drinks and Juice Drink Products
FNS-GD-2005-0001 Child Nutrition Labeling for Nonmeat Products
FNS-GD-2003-0031 Child Nutrition Labeling for Seafood Products
FNS-GD-2001-0019 Accommodating Children with Special Dietary Needs in the School Nutrition Programs
FNS-GD-2015-0005 Serious Deficiency, Suspension, & Appeals for State Agencies and Sponsoring Organizations