Date FNS Document# EO Guidance Document # Title
Evaluation of the Impact of Wave 2 Incentives Demonstrations on Participation in the Summer Food Service Program (SFSP): FY 2012
Evaluation of the 2012 Summer Food Service Program Enhancement Demonstrations
SEBTC Demonstration: Evaluation Findings for the Third Implementation Year 2013 Final Report
National School Lunch Program Direct Certification Improvement Study
Regional Office Review of Applications ( RORA) for School Meals 2013
School Foodservice Indirect Cost Study
Report on the Summer Food for Children Demonstration Projects for Fiscal Year 2013
Special Nutrition Program Operations Study: State and School Food Authority Policies and Practices for School Meals Programs School Year 2011-12
Community Eligibility Provision Evaluation
PL 111–296 Child Nutrition Act of 1966
Regional Office Review of Application (RORA) For School Meals 2009
Direct Certification in the National School Lunch Program: State Progress in Implementation Report to Congress
Feasibility of Wider Implementation of Direct Verification With Medicaid
Developing and Evaluating Methods for Using American Community Survey Data to Support the School Meals Programs
Selecting Policy Indicators And Developing Simulation Models for the National School Lunch and Breakfast Programs
School Meals Building Blocks for Healthy Children
Regional Office Review of Application (RORA) For School Meals 2008