Date FNS Document# EO Guidance Document # Title
Food Distribution Program: Value of Donated Foods (July 1, 2001 - June 30, 2002)
National School Lunch, Special Milk, and School Breakfast Programs; National Average Payments/Maximum Reimbursement Rates (July 1, 2001 - June 30, 2002)
Child Nutrition Programs: Income Eligibility Guidelines (July 1, 2001 - June 30, 2002)
Final Rule: NSLP and SBP Alternatives to Standard Application and Meal Counting Procedures
School Meals Initiative Implementation Study: Second Year Report
School Nutrition Dietary Assessment Study - II
Changes in Children's Diets: 1989-1991 To 1994-1996
Children's Diet in the Mid-1990's: Dietary Intake and Its Relationship with School Meal Participation
FNS-GD-2001-0018 FNS Instruction 796-2, Revision 3
FNS-GD-2001-0019 Accommodating Children with Special Dietary Needs in the School Nutrition Programs
Certification Regarding Debarment, Suspension, Ineligibility and Voluntary Exclusion - Lower Tier Covered Transactions
Certification Regarding Drug-Free Workplace Requirements (GRANTS) Alternative I - For Grantees Other Than Individuals
FY 2001 Special Assistance (Provisions 2 & 3) Grant Applications
FNS-GD-2001-0009 FNS Instruction 796-2, Rev. 3
FNS-GD-2001-0010 Child and Adult Care Food Program FNS Instruction 796-2, Rev 3
FNS-GD-2001-0011 Health and Safety Standards for Outside-School-Hours Care Centers and At-Risk Afterschool Care Centers
FNS-GD-2001-0021 Recruiting For-Profit Centers to Participate in the Child and Adult Care Food Program
FNS-GD-2001-0017 Clarification of Traditional and Enhanced Food-Based Meal Pattern in the School Breakfast Program