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Date FNS Document# Title
USDA/USDC Authorized Labels and Manufacturers
CN Labeling Program
SP08 CACFP02 SFSP02-2019 Update of Food Crediting in the Child Nutrition Programs
PART 250—Donation of Foods for Use in the United States, Its Territories and Possessions and Areas Under Its Jurisdiction
PART 220—School Breakfast Program
PART 210—National School Lunch Program
SP28 CACFP09 SFSP11-2016 FDA Requirements for Vending Machines
Voluntary Menu Labeling in the NSLP and SBP
SP27 CACFP09 SFSP12-2015 Administrative Review Process Regarding the CN Label, Watermarked CN Label and Manufacturer’s Product Formulation Statement
SP11 CACFP10 SFSP13-2015v2 CN Labels Copied with a Watermark Acceptable Documentation
Breaded Rework Clarification
Inspection Requirements for SFAs Vending Meals to Outside Entities
CN Labeling Program Updates
Clarification of Batter/Breading Calculation
Product Formulation Statement (PFS) for Documenting Vegetables and Fruits
Formulation Statement for Documenting Grains in School Meals
FNS ETF Directory
Guidance for Accepting Processed Product Documentation for Meal Pattern Requirements
Letter to CN Labeling Program Account Manager
Standard Operating Procedure for Submitting and Approving Quality Control Programs for Child Nutrition Labeled Products
Child Nutrition Labeling for Nonmeat Products
Final Rule: Codification of Poultry Substitution and Modification of Commodity Inventory Controls for Recipient Agencies
Calculating Bread/Bread Alternate
Page updated: November 20, 2019