Date FNS Document# EO Guidance Document # Title
Proposed Rule: Procurement Requirements for the National School Lunch, School Breakfast and Special Milk Programs
SFSP 2005 Reimbursement Rates
FNS-GD-2004-0050 Additional Guidance on the CACFP Second Interim Rule
FD-039 FNS-GD-2004-0049 Bonding in National Master Processing Agreements
FNS-GD-2004-0048 Income Excluded by Federal Law—Disaster Relief Employment Funded Under National Emergency Grants
Team Nutrition Demonstration Project 1999-2002
Final Rule: NSLP Requirement for Variety of Fluid Milk in Reimbursable Meals
Final Rule: Waiver of the Requirement To Use Weighted Averages in the National School Lunch and School Breakfast Programs
SFSP Memorandum #01-05 FNS-GD-2004-0046 Simplified Summer Food Program
FNS-GD-2004-0047 New Medicare Prescription Drug Card Q&As
Evaluation of the School Breakfast Program Pilot Project
FNS-GD-2004-0045 Letter to Child Care Provider
CACFP Memorandum #1-05 FNS-GD-2004-0044 Use of Enrollment Data for Establishing Claiming Percentages and Determining the Eligibility of Proprietary Centers
Characteristics of Food Stamp Households: Fiscal Year 2003
Assessing Implementation of the 2002 Farm Bill's Legal Immigrant Food Stamp Restorations
State Food Stamp Participation Rates for the Working Poor in 2001
FNS-GD-2004-0043 Procurement and Service of Whole Grain Products
FNS-GD-2004-0042 School Districts and Federal Procurement Regulations
CACFP02-2004 FNS-GD-2004-0041 Allowability of Cost for Directors and Officers Insurance in the Child and Adult Care Food Program
FNS-GD-2004-0040 Overpayments in the CACFP: Reauthorization 2004 Implementation Memo CACFP 4
FNS-GD-2004-0039 Guidance on Determining Categorical Eligibility for Free Lunches and Breakfasts for Youth Served under the Runaway and Homeless Youth Act
SP 7-2004 FNS-GD-2004-0038 Fluid Milk Provisions - Reauthorization 2004: Implementation Memo
FNS-GD-2004-0037 Clarification on Acceptable Infant Formulas
Guidance for Verification Reporting and Recordkeeping Requirements
Interim Final Rule: CACFP Improving Management and Program Integrity
FNS-GD-2004-0036 Implementing Changes to the CACFP in Interim Rule entitled, “CACFP: Improving Management and Program Integrity”
Errata Sheet-Preamble to CACFP Interim Rule
Research Grants to Improve Food Stamp Program Access Through Partnership and Technology: 2001 Program Evaluation Summary
Trends in Food Stamp Program Participation Rates: 1999 to 2002
FD-035 FNS-GD-2004-0033 FDPIR - Flexible Benefit Packages/"Cafeteria Plans"
FD-033 FNS-GD-2004-0032 FDPIR – Changes in Household Composition Resulting from Deployment of Reservists
FD-034 FNS-GD-2004-0035 FDPIR – Eligibility of Native Hawaiians
FNS-GD-2004-0034 FSP – Eligibility of Victims of Severe Trafficking
Breastfeeding Intervention Design Study
SO 5-2004 FNS-GD-2004-0031 Verification of Income Eligibility – Reauthorization 2004 Implementation
FNS-GD-2004-0030 Categorical Eligibility for Free Lunches and Breakfasts for Migrant Children
FNS-GD-2004-0029 Nutrition Requirements: Special Assistance: Amendment Expanding Provisions 2 & 3 District-wide
Evaluation of the National School Lunch Program Application/Verification Pilot Projects
Proposed Criteria for Selecting the WIC Food Packages
WIC 2004-4 FNS-GD-2004-0028 Implementation of the Infant Formula Cost Containment Provisions of PL 108-265
Final Rule: FSP Vehicle and Maximum Excess Shelter Expense Deduction Provisions of PL 106-387
FNS-GD-2004-0027 Medicare Prescription Drug Card
Excellent Service for All: Best Practices for Increasing Access to the Food Stamp Program
FNS-GD-2004-0026 Irradiation Requirements in "The Child Nutrition and WIC Reauthorization Act of 2004"
Food Distribution Program: Value of Donated Foods (July 1, 2004 - June 30, 2005)
Food Distribution Program: Substitution of Donated Beef and Pork With Commercial Beef and Pork
SP 4-2004 FNS-GD-2004-0025 Categorical Eligibility for Free Lunches and Breakfasts of Runaway, Homeless, and Migrant Youth
CACFP: National Average Payment Rates, Day Care Home Food Service Payment Rates, and Administrative Reimbursement Rates for Sponsoring Organizations of Day Care Homes (July 1, 2004 - June 30, 2005)
National School Lunch, Special Milk, and School Breakfast Programs: National Average Payments/Maximum Reimbursement Rates (July 1, 2004 - June 30, 2005)
FD-031 FNS-GD-2004-0024 Treatment of Income Intended for Foster Care