Date FNS Document# EO Guidance Document # Title
WIC 1999-3 FNS-GD-1998-0014 Evaluation Criteria for Infant Formula Rebate Contracts
WIC 1999-2 FNS-GD-1998-0015 Approval of WIC EBT Systems
WIC 98-7 FNS-GD-1998-0006 Impact of Participation in the WIC Program on Alien Status
WIC 1998-4 FNS-GD-1998-0003 Documentation of FSP Participation in an EBT Environment
WIC 1998-3 FNS-GD-1998-0001 Non-Computer Equipment Purchases Less than $25,00
FNS-GD-1998-0002 Cumulative PRWORA Q&As on Food Stamp Fraud, Disqualifications, and Recipient Claims
FNS-GD-1998-0008 Cumulative Questions and Answers on Certification and Work Issues in PRWORA
FNS-GD-1998-0017 Further Questions and Answers on the Balanced Budget Act of 1997
FNS-GD-1998-0009 General Assistance and Public Assistance Diversion Payments
Guidance for States on Use of Discretionary Food Stamp Program Time Limit Exemptions
FNS-GD-1998-0013 Allowable per Case-Month Exemptions by State (if no Time Limit is Placed on the Exemptions)
Allowable per Case-Month Exemptions by State (w/3-month Time Limit on the Exemptions)
FNS-GD-1998-0012 Allowable per Case-Month Exemptions by State (w/6-month Time Limit on the Exemptions)
FNS-GD-1998-0007 Balanced Budget Act of 1977 (PL 105-33) Q&As - Set 2
SFSP Policy Memorandum #13-99 FNS-GD-1998-0022 Certifying Eligibility of National Youth Sports Program Sites to Participate in the SFSP
SFSP Policy Memorandum #11-99 FNS-GD-1998-0019 Certifying Eligibility of Sites Serving Migrant Children
SFSP Policy Memorandum #9-99 FNS-GD-1998-0021 Meal Service to On-Track Students at Year-Round Sites
SFSP Policy Memorandum #1-99 FNS-GD-1998-0020 Sponsor and Site Application Requirements
SFSP Policy Memorandum #1-98 FNS-GD-1998-0004 Sponsor and Site Application Requirements
SFSP Memorandum #4-98 FNS-GD-1998-0005 Private Non-Profit Sponsors Procuring Meals from Commercial Food Service Management Companies
SFSP Policy Memorandum #8-99 FNS-GD-1998-0024 Use of Other Programs’ Eligibility Information for Closed Enrolled Sites and Camps in the SFSP
SP 99-3; CACFP 99-2 FNS-GD-1998-0023 Limited Disclosure of Children’s Free and Reduced Price Meal or Free Milk Eligibility Information
FNS-GD-1998-0011 Audit Requirements - CACFP Proprietary Title XIX and Title XX Institutions
CACFP Policy Memorandum #1-98 FNS-GD-1998-0010 CACFP Incorporated Providers
CACFP 03-99 FNS-GD-1998-0018 Implementation of PL 105-336
CACFP Policy Memo # 1-99 FNS-GD-1998-0016 Participation of Tribal Child Care Facilities in CACFP