Date Document# Title
SP16-2013 Revised Meat/Meat Alternates and Milk Charts in the Food Buying Guide for Child Nutrition Programs
FY12 State Reporting of Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) Benefits Funding in Connection With A-133 Single Audits
SP09 CACFP04-2013 Streamlining At-Risk Meal Participation for School Food Authorities
SP07 SFSP04-2013 Summer Feeding Options for School Food Authorities
FD-049 Substitution and Valuation of USDA Cheese
FD-127 Approval of End Products and Monitoring of End Product Sales
FD-125 Offering School Food Authorities the Required Value and Variety of USDA Foods, and Efficient and Cost-Effective Distribution
FD-126 Review of Administrative Funds Provided to Eligible Recipient Agencies (ERA) in TEFAP
SP03 CACFP02 SFSP02-2013 Procurement Geographic Preference Q&As – Part II
Supplemental Guidance on Cost Allocation for Exchange and Medicaid Information Technology (IT) Systems Questions and Answers
Letter to Regional Directors of Special Nutrition Programs and State Directors of Child Nutrition Programs
State Level Program Access Review Guide
Proposed Rule: Independent Review of Applications Required by the HHFKA of 2010
SP44-2012 Q&As Related to the 6 Cents Certification Tool
CACFP24-2012 Family Day Care Home Administrative Reimbursements: Carryover Reporting Requirements for Fiscal Year 2012 and All Subsequent Years
Further USDA Information on Central Valley Meat Investigation (SP 47 - 2012, CACFP 23- 2012, SFSP 17- 2012)
Treatment of Medical Loss Ratio Rebates
Final Rule: FDPIR Administrative Funding Allocations
Final Rule: SNAP Disqualified Recipient Reporting and Computer Matching Requirements
Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) - Revised Allotments for Hawaii for Fiscal Year (FY) 2013
FD-124 Determining Local Agency Reviews
Proposed Rule: SNAP Farm Bill of 2008 Retailer Sanctions
SP45-2012 Preventing Overt Identification of Children Certified for Free or Reduced Price School Meals
Letter to Mr. Mark Zuckerberg, CEO, Facebook Inc.
Letter to Mr. John Donahoe, CEO, eBay Inc.
Letter to Mr. Buckmaster, CEO, Craiglist
CACFP19-2012 Updated Guidance for the Adult Day Care Component of the CACFP
CACFP21-2012 Eligibility
CACFP20-2012 Participant Eligibility in the Adult Day Care Component of the CACFP
National School Lunch, Special Milk, and School Breakfast Programs: National Average Payments/Maximum Reimbursement Rates (July 1, 2012 - June 30, 2013)
Food Distribution Program: Value of Donated Foods (July 1, 2012 - June 30, 2013)
FD-123 Maintenance of Lists of Eligible Recipient Agencies (ERA) Participating in TEFAP
CACFP18 SFSP14-2012 Tribal Participation in the CACFP and the SFSP
CACFP: National Average Payment Rates, Day Care Home Food Service Payment Rates, and Administrative Reimbursement Rates for Sponsoring Organizations of Day Care Homes (July 1, 2012 - June 30, 2013
SP38-2012 Residential Child Care Institutions Exception for Safety if Serving Multiple Age/Grade Groups
Medical Deductions—Medical Marijuana and Other Illegal Substances
SP33-2012 Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program Fees in FSMC Contracts
Proposed Rule: SNAP Trafficking Controls and Fraud Investigations
FD-122 Substitution of Donated Foods in Advance of Purchase and Negative Inventories
Approval of SNAP E&T Plans
Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program - Able Bodied Adults Without Dependents Waivers for Fiscal Year 2013
CACFP15-2012 Health and Safety Standards for Outside-School-Hours Care Centers and At-Risk Afterschool Care Centers
CACFP14-2012 Guidance on the Serious Deficiency Process and Acceptable Corrective Action Plans, National Disqualified List Procedures and Debt Collection
Interim Rule: Certification of Compliance With Meal Requirements for the National School Lunch Program Under the HHFKA of 2010
SP30-2012 Grain Requirements for the National School Lunch Program and School Breakfast Program
CACFP13 SFSP11-2012 Revised: Eligibility Based on Census Data: Revision of 2012 Data Release
SNAP - Clarification of Comparable Disqualification
SP28-2012 Q&As on the Paid Lunch Price Report
SP26-2012 Formulated Grain Fruit Products
SFSP 10-2012 Disaster Response