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WIC Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Webinar: Rule Changes to ABAWD Waivers and Discretionary Exemptions (slides with additional detail and content)
FD-147 Policy Cancellation Memorandum
FNS Handbook 501 for FDPIR
USDA Foods in Schools
Comment Request - Information Collection for the Child and Adult Care Food Program
Disposición madurativa del bebé para comer alimentos sólidos
P.L. 88-525 Food and Nutrition Act of 2008
P.L. 116-94 Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018
Manejo y almacenamiento de la leche materna y fórmula infantil en un sitio de cuidado infantil
Apoyando a las madres lactantes en un sitio de cuidado infantil
Identificar señales de hambre y sacieda
School Nutrition and Meal Cost Study (SNMCS) Webinar Series on Study Findings
Descripción general del patrón de comidas para bebés en el Programa de Alimentos para el Cuidado de Niños y Adultos
SNMCS Webinar Series - Satisfaction with School Meals and Plate Waste
SNMCS Webinar Series - Dietary Intakes of School Lunch Participants and Nonparticipants
SNMCS Webinar Series - School Meal Costs and Foodservice Revenues
SNMCS Webinar Series - Meeting the Updated Nutrition Standards and the Nutritional Quality of School Lunches
SNMCS Webinar Series - School Meal Program Operations
Local School Wellness Policy
USDA Foods Toolkit for Child Nutrition Programs
Infographic: USDA DoD Fresh in Schools SY2017-2018
Infographic: USDA Foods in Schools State Overview SY17-18
Feasibility of Revising the SNAP Quality Control Review Process
Infographic: USDA Foods in Schools Summary By Program SY2017-2018
Infographic: USDA Foods in Schools SY2017-2018
Final Rulemaking: Requirements for Able-Bodied Bodied Adults Without Dependents Webinar for States
Loving Support Award of Excellence Program
Child Nutrition Program Operations Study II, School Year 2015-2016
2020-1 WIC Policy Memorandum #2020-1: Donation of Unused, Returned Infant Formula
USDA Foods Available List for SY 2021
November Performance Report (September 2019 data)
November Keydata Report (September 2019 data)
Farm to School Grant Program Frequently Asked Questions
WIC Infant and Toddler Feeding Practices Study-2: Third Year Report Infographic
National- and State-Level Estimates of WIC Eligibility and WIC Program Reach in 2017
CSFP Sharing Gallery
CSFP Sharing Gallery: Handouts
CSFP Sharing Gallery: Recipes & Cookbooks
Request for Information: Self-Determination Demonstration Project for Tribes that Administer FDPIR
Terms and Conditions for Funds Available for Storage and Distribution of Food Purchase Distribution Program Foods
Obligation and Liquidation of FY 2019 Trade Mitigation Eligible Recipient Agency Operational Funds
Final Rule: SNAP Requirements for Able-Bodied Adults Without Dependents
State Agency Readiness to Apply the ABAWD Time Limit and Serve ABAWDs
Implementation of Regulatory Changes to ABAWD Waiver Standards and Discretionary Exemptions
Questions and Answers: Final Rulemaking Requirements for ABAWDs
Final Rule: Employment for Work-Capable Adults
Total TEFAP Assistance to States
Comment Request - SNAP Operating Guidelines, Forms and Waivers
Assessment of the Collection, Analysis, Validation, and Reporting of SNAP Employment and Training Data