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Date FNS Document# Title
SNAP 17-01 Quality Control Procedural Clarifications and Federal Access to State Systems
Clarification on Characteristics of Broad-Based Categorical Eligibility Programs Memo
Comment Request - Study of Non-Response to the School Meals Application Verification Process
FD-076 Categorical Eligibility (Revised)
SP13-2017 Release of the FNS-828 Paid Lunch Price Data for SY 2015-16
SP12-2017 New Reporting Procedures for FNS-828 Paid Lunch Price Report for SY 2016-17
FD-093 Questions and Answers about Disaster Policies and Procedures Revised
CACFP05-2017 Offer Versus Serve and Family Style Meals in the Child and Adult Care Food Program
SP10 SFSP06-2017 Meal Service Requirements in the Summer Meal Programs, with Questions and Answers – Revised
FD-140 Signature Block Removal from Summary End Product Data Schedules
FD-104 Value of USDA Donated Foods for Audits: Revised
SFSP 05-2017 Summer Food Service Program Questions and Answers
SFSP04-2017 Automatic Revocation of Tax-Exempt Status–Revised
SP08 CACFP04 SFSP03-2017 Area Eligibility in Child Nutrition Programs
FD-142 Further Clarification on the Prohibition Against Explicitly Religious Activities As Part of TEFAP and CSFP Activities
FD-141 Questions and Answers Related to the 7 CFR Part 16: Equal Opportunity for Religious Organizations Final Rule
FD-037 Office of Management and Budget Uniform Guidance Audit Requirements
WIC 2016-4 Verification of Certification Webinar Frequently Ask Questions
WIC 2016-5 Separation of Duties Webinar Frequently Ask Questions
SP07-2017 Completion of Fiscal Action in SY 2016-17 Administrative Reviews
SNAP Clarification of Eligibility of Fleeing Felons Final Rule Questions and Answers March 2016
FD-017 Meals Provided to Volunteers: Revised
SP05 CACFP03 SFSP02-2017 Q&A: Purchasing Goods and Services Using Cooperative Agreements, Agents, and Third-Party Services
Clarifying Obsolete Regulatory References to WIOA, Americorps, ABAWDs
CACFP02-2017 Grain Requirements in the CACFP: Q&As
SP04-2017 Model Functional Requirements for State and Local Information Technology Systems
SP03-2017 Draft Tool for Local Agency Procurement Reviews for School Food Authorities in SY2016-2017 - Revised
SP02 CACFP01 SFSP01-2017 Updated Fiscal Year Reporting Timeline and Reporting Table
SP01-2017 Release of the Revised Federal State Agreement for Child Nutrition and Food Distribution Programs
SP61-2016 Community Eligibility Provision Planning and Implementation Guidance
SP60-2016 Indirect Cost Guidance
CACFP27-2016 Clarifications: Funding Levels for FY 2017 CACFP Audit Fund Allocation
Final Rule: Regulatory Implementation of OMB's Uniform Administrative Requirements, Cost Principles, and Audit Requirements for Federal Awards
Policy Memorandum on Modifications to Accommodate Disabilities in the School Meal Programs
SP59-2016 Modifications to Accommodate Disabilities in the School Meal Programs
FD-139 Clarification on Inventory Protection Requirements
Comment Request - Child and Adult Care Food Program
CACFP25-2016 Vegetable and Fruit Requirements in the Child and Adult Care Food Program: Questions and Answers
SP54-2016 Community Eligibility Provision: Guidance and Updated Q&As
Comment Request - Third National Survey of WIC Participants (NSWP-III)
2016-5 Separation of Duties
Comment Request - State Agency (NSLP/SNAP) Direct Certification Rate Data Element Report (FNS-834)
CACFP23-2016 Feeding Infants and Meal Pattern Requirements in the Child and Adult Care Food Program: Questions and Answers
Comment Request - WIC Loving Support Award of Excellence
Comment Request - CACFP National Disqualified List
FD-137 Alternative Value Pass-Through System Pilot Project under the Department of Defense Fresh Program
WIC 2016-4 Verification of Certification
Comment Request - Erroneous Payments in Child Care Centers Study
SNAP - FY 2017 Cost of Living Adjustments
SP43-2016 Ensuring Access to Free and Reduced Price School Meals for Low-Income Students