Date Document# Title
SFSP10-2015 Summer Food Service Program Questions and Answers 2014
CACFP05 SFSP07-2015 Health and Safety Inspection Requirements
SFSP06-2015 Categorical Eligibility in the Summer Food Service Program
SP09 CACFP03 SFSP02-2015 Written Codes of Conduct and Performance of Employees Engaged in Award and Administration of Contracts
CACFP02-2015 Child and Adult Care Food Program - Role and Requirements of Administrative Review Officials
SP06-2015 Farm to School and School Garden Expenses
CACFP 01-2015 SFSP 01-2015 Duration of Income Eligibility Determinations: Guidance and Q&As
SP53-2014 Transition of Foods and Foods of Minimal Nutritional Value to Smart Snacks in School Standards
SP46 CACFP12 SFSP18-2014 Disaster Response
FD-135 Revised Policy on Certification Periods for Zero Income Households
SP44-2014 Q&As Related to the Independent Review of Applications
SP43-2014 Q&As on the School Breakfast Program Meal Pattern in SY 2014-15
SFSP16--2014 Streamlined and Simplified Summer Food Service Program Requirements: FAQs
SP42 SFSP17 CACFP11-2014 Sharing Aggregate Data to Expand Program Access and Services in Child Nutrition Programs
CACFP09-2014 Guidance on Reallocation of CACFP Audit Funds
SP30-2014 Determining Eligibility for Two Cent Differential Reimbursement in New Schools
FD-134 Minimum Inventory Protection Requirements for Processors Participating in the National Processing Program
SP26-2014 New Q&As Related to the Certification of Compliance with Meal Requirements for the NSLP
FD-133 School Food Authorities Purchasing Produce from Department of Defense Vendors using Section 4 and 11 FFVP Funds
FD-132 Questions and Answers Related to the FDPIR: Income Deductions and Resource Eligibility Final Rule
SP17-2014 Discretionary Elimination of Reduced Price Charges in the School Meal Programs
CACFP04-2014 CACFP Needs Assessment Research Launch
SFSP13-2014 Procurement Thresholds in the Summer Food Service Program
CACFP07 SFSP12-2014 Guidance on Income Eligibility Determinations and Duration