Date Document# Title
SP21-2016 Fiscal Year Reporting Timeline and Reporting Table
SP20-2016 Nonprofit School Food Service Account Nonprogram Food Revenue Requirements
SP16 CACFP06 SFSP10-2016 Disclosure Requirements for the Child Nutrition Programs
SP15-2016 CEP State Agency Procedures to Ensure Identified Student Percentage Accuracy
Deductible Excess Medical Expenses
ABAWD Time Limit Policy and Program Access Memo
SP10-2016 FNS-828 Paid Lunch Price Report: New Submission Date and Reporting Template
SP12 CACFP05 SFSP09-2016 Guidance on Competitive Procurement Standards for Program Operators
SP02 CACFP02 SFSP02-2016 Questions and Answers on the Transition to and Implementation of 2 CFR Part 200
2016-2 Updated Nondiscrimination Statement for WIC State Agencies
2015-4 Increase in the Cash Value Voucher for Pregnant, Postpartum, and Breastfeeding Women
2015-7 Medicaid Primary Payer for Exempt Infant Formulas and Medical Foods
SP46-2015 Review of Special Provision Options 2 and 3 Base Year
2015-6 Promising Practices in WIC Food Cost Containment
FD-046 FDPIR - Student Financial Assistance (Revised)
SNAP FY 2016 Cost of Living Adjustments
SNAP Recertification Interview Scheduling Memo
SP42 CACFP19 SFSP21-2015 Service of Traditional Foods in Public Facilities
SNAP FY 2016 Federal Areas for Management Evaluations
SNAP - FY 2016 State Target Areas for Management Evaluations (MEs)
SP10 CACFP05 SFSP10-2014 Smoothies Offered in Child Nutrition Programs
Same Sex Marriage and SNAP Mandatory Household States Memo
SP41-2015 Updated Offer vs Serve Guidance for the NSLP and SBP Beginning SY2015-16
TA 01-2015 Child Nutrition Programs and Traditional Foods
SNAP Able-Bodied Adults without Dependents Q&As June 2015
CACFP14-2015 Infant Feeding in the CACFP - Revised
SP36 CACFP17 SFSP19-2015 Voluntary Menu Labeling in the NSLP and SBP
SP35-2015 Updated Title I Guidance for Schools Electing Community Eligibility
CACFP 15-2015 Allowable Costs Related to Physical Activity and Limiting the Use of Electronic Media in the Child and Adult Care Food Program
SFSP 04-2015v3 Rural Designations in the Summer Food Service Program - Revised
2015-5 WIC Income Eligibility Guidelines (2015-2016)
Expiration of Statewide ABAWD Time Limit Waivers
CACFP08-2015 Assessing Costs in the CACFP
SP31 CACFP12 SFSP14-2015 Guidance on Prohibition of Separation by Gender during CNP Meal Service
SP30 CACFP16 SFSP18-2015 Office of Management and Budget Super-Circular 2CFR Part 200
CACFP11-2015 Local Foods in the Child and Adult Care Food Program
SP27 CACFP09 SFSP12-2015 Administrative Review Process Regarding the Child Nutrition Label, Watermarked CN Label and Manufacturer’s Product Formulation Statement
SP11v2 CACFP10 SFSP13-2015 CN Labels Copied with a Watermark Acceptable Documentation
SNAP Online Applications Best Practices
CACFP07-2015 Guidance on Reallocation of CACFP Audit Funds
Guidance to State Agencies on processing SNAP Applications Submitted by Intuit (TurboTax)
Haitian Family Reunification Parole Program Policy Memo
SP13 SFSP05-2015 (v2) Summer Meal Programs Meal Service Requirements Q&As - Revised