Date Document# Title
FY14 State Reporting of Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) Benefits Funding in Connection With A-133 Single Audits
2015-3 Eligibility of White Potatoes for Purchase with the Cash-Value Voucher
Men Who are Residents of Shelters for Battered Women and Children Policy Clarification Memo
FD-136 Cancellation of Policy Memorandum FD-085, Nonfat Dry Milk Processing
SFSP10-2015 Summer Food Service Program Questions and Answers 2014
CACFP05 SFSP07-2015 Health and Safety Inspection Requirements
SFSP06-2015 Categorical Eligibility in the Summer Food Service Program
SFSP06-2015 Categorical Eligibility in the Summer Food Service Program
SP09 CACFP03 SFSP02-2015 Written Codes of Conduct and Performance of Employees Engaged in Award and Administration of Contracts
SP08-2015 Updated E-Rate Guidance for Schools Electing Community Eligibility
Waiver Process Update - Additional Guidance on Indefinite Waivers
CACFP02-2015 Child and Adult Care Food Program - Role and Requirements of Administrative Review Officials
SP07-2015 Assessing Proposed Nutrition Education Costs in the NSLP and SBP
2015-2 Protecting WIC Participant Confidentiality Within CDC Screening Protocols
SP06-2015 Farm to School and School Garden Expenses
CACFP 01-2015 SFSP 01-2015 Duration of Income Eligibility Determinations: Guidance and Q&As
2015-1 Sale of Safeway to AB Acquisition
SP66-2014 Information and Guidance on the Domestic Beef Market
Guide to Improving Notices of Adverse Action
Performance Bonus (Section 4021) Questions and Answers - Agricultural Act of 2014
SP65-2014 Instructions for Reporting State Administrative Funds for Implementing the New Meal Patterns
SP63-2014 Smart Snacks Standards for Exempt Foods when Paired Together
Quality Control Tolerance Level - FY 2015
SP62-2014 New LEA Second Review of Applications Report
FY 2015 SNAP Resource Limit Memo
SNAP - Section 4006 of the Agricultural Act of 2014 - Questions and Answers Part II
SP59-2014 State Agency Fundraiser Elections and Exemptions
SNAP Fiscal Year 2015 Cost-of-Living-Adjustments (COLAs)
SP53-2014 Transition of Foods and Foods of Minimal Nutritional Value to Smart Snacks in School Standards
SNAP Questions and Answers Concerning the Trafficking Controls and Fraud Investigations Final Rule
SP51-2014 Eligibility Effective Date for Directly Certified Students
Quality Control Errors and the Establishment of Claims - Clarification
Questions and Answers Concerning Section 4013 of the Agricultural Act of 2014 - National Directory of New Hires
Approval of Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program Outreach Plans
Best Practices in Developing Effective SNAP Client Notices
Impact of the Defense of Marriage Act on SNAP Eligibility - Revised
SP46 CACFP12 SFSP18-2014 Disaster Response
SNAP Guidance for State Agencies on Novel Waivers
SNAP Telephonic Signature Guidance
Questions and Answers on the Quality Control related provisions of the Agricultural Act
FD-135 Revised Policy on Certification Periods for Zero Income Households
SP44-2014 Q&As Related to the Independent Review of Applications
Questions and Answers Concerning Section 4018 of the Agricultural Act of 2014 Prohibiting Gov Sponsored Recruitment Activities
SP43-2014 Q&As on the School Breakfast Program Meal Pattern in SY 2014-15
SP40-2014 Smart Snacks Nutrition Standards and Culinary Education Programs
SFSP16--2014 Streamlined and Simplified Summer Food Service Program Requirements: FAQs
SP42 SFSP17 CACFP11-2014 Sharing Aggregate Data to Expand Program Access and Services in Child Nutrition Programs
Retailer Notice on Agricultural Act of 2014 Provisions
SP36-2014 Smart Snacks Nutrition Standards and Exempt Fundraisers
2014-7 Criteria for Waiving the WIC Vendor Preauthorization Visit