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Date FNS Document# Title
WIC Breastfeeding Award of Excellence Awardees
WIC Eligibility Requirements to Bid on State Agency Infant Formula Contracts
WIC Program Grant Levels by Fiscal Year
WIC Breastfeeding Award of Excellence Program
WIC Enrollment via State-Level Data Matching RFA FAQs
WIC Enrollment via State-Level Referral Data Matching RFA Webinar
WIC Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
CACFP in Emergency Shelters
WIC Online Ordering and Transactions Proposed Rule Stakeholder Briefing
CACFP Meal Pattern Training Slides
Diapositivas de capacitación sobre el patrón de comidas del Programa de Alimentos para Cuidado de Niños y Adultos
WIC Online Ordering and Transactions Proposed Rule Q&As
WIC EBT Activities
WIC MIS – EBT Universal Interface
WIC Food Packages - Maximum Monthly Allowances
WIC Fact Sheet
WIC Policy Memorandum: #2021-5 WIC 2021-22 Income Eligibility Guidelines
Trainers' Circle for CACFP Webinars
Multicultural Child Care Recipes from Central and South America
Recetas multiculturales de América central y del sur para sitios de cuidado infantil
Adult Care Component of CACFP Factsheet
CACFP Recipes for Child Care Homes and Adult Day Care
WIC Policy Memo #2020-4 Publication of the 2020-21 WIC Income Eligibility Guidelines
CACFP Training Tools
Herramientas de capacitación para el CACFP
State Level Estimates of Infants and Children at or Below 185 Percent of Poverty
786 Feeding Infants in the Child and Adult Care Food Program
Alimentación para Bebés en el Programa de Alimentos para el Cuidado de Niños y Adultos
2019-4 WIC Income Eligibility Guidelines (2019-2020)
WIC Policy Memorandum #2019-3 EBT CVB at WIC-Authorized Farmers and Farmers’ Markets
WIC Policy Memorandum #2019-2 Cancellation of WIC Policy Memorandum #2011-6, Authority to Exceed the Maximum Amount of Liquid Infant Formula
CACFP Halftime: Identifying Whole Grain-Rich Foods in the CACFP Part 2
Medio tiempo del CACFP: “Parte 2: Identificar alimentos ricos en grano integral en el CACFP"
WIC 2019-1 Cancellation of WIC Policy Memorandum #2017-1
CACFP Trainers’ Circle: Coaching and Mentoring
CACFP Trainers’ Circle: Coaching and Mentoring
Grain-Based Desserts in the CACFP
Medio tiempo del CACFP: Postres a base de granos en el CACFP
WIC MIS Integrity Review Tool
WIC EBT Technical Implementation Guide and Operating Rules
Como puede apoyar la lactancia en el CACFP
CACFP Halftime Webinar: How to Support Breastfeeding in CACFP
National WIC Breastfeeding Week 2018 Proclamation
CACFP Halftime Webinar: Adding Whole Grains to Your Menu
CACFP Halftime Webinar: Feeding Infants: 0-5
Alimentación para bebés de 0-5 meses
CACFP Halftime Webinar: Methods for Healthy Cooking
Métodos para cocinar sano
Webinar: FY 2018 CACFP Meal Service Training Grants for States
Page updated: November 20, 2019