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Date FNS Document# Title
SNAP Work Requirement Policy Resources
SEBT 03-2023 Summer EBT Eligibility, Certification, and Verification
Notice of New Computer Matching Program
WPM 2023-6 WIC Policy Memo #2023-6: Streamlining Certification Documentation Guidance
Comment Request - Assessing SNAP Participants' Fitness for Work.
SNAP COVID-19 Voluntary Quit and Good Cause Policy Clarification
FDPIR Federal Pandemic Unemployment Income Exclusion
Use of SNAP Employment and Training Funds for SNAP Recipients Who Are Attending High School
Questions and Answers: Final Rulemaking Requirements for ABAWDs
Comment Request - Employment and Training Performance Measurement, Monitoring and Reporting Requirements
SFMNP 2019-1 SFMNP Income Eligibility Guidelines (2019-2020)
Reopening of Comment Period: SNAP Requirements for Able-Bodied Adults Without Dependents
FY 2019 Homeless Shelter Deduction Memo
SFSP01-2019 Summer Food Service Program Memoranda Rescission
Innovation and Evaluation in SNAP Demonstration Projects
SNAP - Issues with Certification Materials Submission Instructions
State Agency Requirements for Required and Missing Verification for Regular Initial Applications
Requirements for Informing Households of ABAWD Rules
WIC 2016-4 Verification of Certification
SNAP Recertification Interview Scheduling Memo
FD-135 Revised Policy on Certification Periods for Zero Income Households
SNAP Applications and the Affordable Care Act
Interim Rule: Direct Certification and Certification of Homeless, Migrant and Runaway Children for Free School Meals
SP13-2011 Letter Method for Direct Certification
Summary of Certification Interview Policy Relevant to Community Partner Interviewer Demonstration Projects
Handling Multiple Applications Submitted by the Same Household
SNAP - Excluding the Special $25 Weekly Unemployment Compensation Payment - Questions and Answers
Verification Requirements and State Options
SNAP - Monitoring State Implementation of Certification and Benefit Provisions of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009
Clarifications of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 Certification Provisions - Questions and Answers
SNAP - Statewide Able Bodied Adults Without Dependent Waivers Effective Immediately for Eligible States
SNAP Household's Review of Information in Automated Systems (Revised)
SNAP - Certification Policies to Support Workload Management
SNAP - Waiver Requests to Eliminate the Interview Requirement Altogether
Clarification of Farm Bill Certification Provisions of SNAP - Questions and Answers #3
QC Policy Memo 09-01 Consideration of Deductions Not Received at Certification
Q&As on Certification Issues from the 2008 Farm Bill #2
Clarification of FCEA Certification Provisions Questions and Answers #1
The Notice of Missed Interview When a Household Has Not Submitted an Application for Recertification
WIC 2007-2 State Agency Model Systems Transfers
WIC 2007-1 Certification and Monthly Food Benefits Issuance Cycles and Reporting Monthly Participation on the FNS-798
Face-to-Face Interview Waiver Criteria
Client Confidentiality and Group Interviews
WIC 2006-5 WPM #2006-5: Value Enhanced Nutrition Assessment-WIC Nutrition Assessment Policy
FSP – 2-Year Approval of Waivers of the Work Requirements for ABAWDs under 7 CFR 273.24
Updated Poverty Income Guidelines
Letter to State Agency Director
Agreement Checklist for Direct Certification and Direct Verification of Children in Food Stamp Households – Reauthorization 2004: Implementation Memo – SP- 14
PL 108-447 - Food Stamp Household Income Exclusion Provision
Interim Final Rule: CACFP Improving Management and Program Integrity
Page updated: November 20, 2019