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SNAP Work Requirement Policy Resources
Community Eligibility Provision Resource Center
ABAWD Waivers
ABAWD Waivers FY 2020-2024
ABAWD Waivers FY 1997-1999
ABAWD Waivers FY 2000-2004
ABAWD Waivers FY 2005-2009
ABAWD Waivers FY 2010-2014
ABAWD Waivers FY 2015-2019
SNAP Model Notice Toolkit
USDA and DOL Partner to Support ABAWDs as the PHE Ends
SNAP E&T 2022 National Forum: SNAP E&T and Subsidized Work-Based Learning
SNAP COVID-19 Voluntary Quit and Good Cause Policy Clarification
Use of SNAP Employment and Training Funds for SNAP Recipients Who Are Attending High School
Questions and Answers: Final Rulemaking Requirements for ABAWDs
Streamline CACFP Resource Center
Best Practices: Special Populations
School Meals FAQs
FY 2019 Homeless Shelter Deduction Memo
Regulatory Reform at a Glance Proposed Rule: SNAP Requirements for ABAWDs
SFSP01-2019 Summer Food Service Program Memoranda Rescission
Innovation and Evaluation in SNAP Demonstration Projects
APD - Testing Items FAQs
Clarifications on Work Requirements, ABAWDs, and E&T
FY 2017 Farm to School Grantee Onboarding
Requirements for Informing Households of ABAWD Rules
Finding, Buying and Serving Local Food - Working with Distributors
General Background
SNAP Applications and the Affordable Care Act
Child and Adult Care Food Program Paperwork Reduction Work Group
Performance Based Certification: Prototype Performance Work Statement, Performance Metrics, Evaluation Factors and Market Research Questionnaire Response
Implementing a Mini–Simplified Food Stamp Program to Replace Food Stamp Work Requirements with TANF Work Requirements
SNAP - Statewide Able Bodied Adults Without Dependent Waivers Effective Immediately for Eligible States
WIC 2007-2 State Agency Model Systems Transfers
FSP – 2-Year Approval of Waivers of the Work Requirements for ABAWDs under 7 CFR 273.24
SFSP Administration: PL 105-336
Page updated: November 20, 2019