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FNS Discretionary Grant Application Process

Last Published: 03/27/2015

Applications to obtain a discretionary grant from the FNS may be completed either electronically or by paper.

Electronic application must be submitted through the website. This website is designed to be user-friendly and contains numerous support features. Each opportunity listed in includes a forms package. The software for using and submitting the forms is available at no charge. Anyone may browse the website. In order to complete and submit an application for a grant, however, there are 6 steps that must first be performed:

All completed applications must be received by 5 P.M. Eastern time of the due date. Applications must be mailed to the attention of the Grant Officer/Contact Person at:

USDA-Food & Nutrition Service
3101 Park Center Drive, Room 732
Alexandria, VA 22302

FNS does not accept faxed or e-mailed applications.