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Tips for Using the FDPIR Sharing Gallery

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Nutrition Education
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USDA FNS has compiled existing nutrition education resources specific to the FDPIR audience in the FDPIR Sharing Gallery. Knowing what to do with this list of resources and how to use or adapt them can be challenging. The following set of tip-sheets provide helpful information on how to use the existing resources in the FDPIR Sharing Gallery to provide food and nutrition information for FDPIR participants, especially when face-to-face interaction is limited.

Tip #1
Use Cookbooks and Recipes to Provide Nutrition Education
Tip #2
Use Handouts to Provide Nutrition Education
Tip #3
Use Cooking Videos to Provide Nutrition Education
Tip #4
Use the USDA Foods Product Information Sheets to Provide Nutrition Education
The food distribution program on indian reservations
Page updated: March 03, 2022