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Administering agencies are responsible for providing nutrition education to participants. Federal administrative funding is available for these activities, which can include individual nutrition counseling, cooking demonstrations, nutrition classes, and the dissemination of information on how USDA Foods may be used to contribute to a nutritious diet. The following resources can aid FDPIR agencies in providing nutrition education to participants.

  • USDA Foods Nutrition Education Resource Library - Tribes can order culturally appropriate nutrition education resources designed specifically for FDPIR for free. The website will allow tribes to choose the resources that may work best for their program and order the quantity they want, at no cost, and then the resource will be shipped to them. View or download these resources.
  • FDPIR Administrative Funds for Nutrition Education - $4 million in FDPIR administrative funds for nutrition education are annually appropriated and replace the $250,000 that was made available in prior fiscal years for nutrition related activities. Each tribe and/or state agency can use these funds to develop and deliver culturally appropriate nutrition education that meets the needs of their community.
  • FDPIR Sharing Gallery - The sharing gallery is a source of inspiration and sharing of nutrition education materials, recipes, photos, news, grant opportunities, training, and other digital resources for tribes participating in FDPIR.
  • Nutrition Paraprofessional Training Project - FNS is working with the Oklahoma Tribal Engagement Partners (OKTEP) to develop and deliver a nutrition paraprofessional training project for FDPIR staff working at local program sites. The training tools and resources developed under this grant will support the efforts of FDPIR local agency staff in conducting nutrition education activities for FDPIR participants who receive USDA Foods.
    • FY24 dates and locations:
      • Nov. 15-16, 2023: Oklahoma City, OK
      • Feb. 2024: Phoenix, AZ
      • March 2024: Santa Fe, NM
      • May 2024: Portland, OR
      • July 2024: Duluth, MN
      • Sept. 2024: Sioux Falls, SD
  • FDPIR Nutrition Education Symposium - In partnership with the Native Food and Nutrition Resource Alliance, plans are underway for a FDPIR Nutrition Education Symposium. This multi-day conference will bring together FDPIR program staff, tribal nutritionists, public health professionals, community health champions, and affiliates from across the country to discuss the current state of FDPIR nutrition education and provide pathways for sharing, collaboration, and planning.
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Page updated: April 02, 2024