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FDPIR Food Package Review Work Group

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The FDPIR Food Package Review Work Group was formed in 2002 at the request of the National Association of Food Distribution Programs on Indian Reservations (NAFDPIR). The work group members are comprised of NAFDPIR officials, representatives from the tribal organizations and state agencies that administer FDPIR, federal and tribal health professionals, commodity procurement specialists from USDA, and FNS regional and national office staff that work with FDPIR.

The purpose of the work group is to review the FDPIR food package on an ongoing basis, with the goal of revising it to better meet the nutritional needs and food preferences of program participants without significantly increasing overall food package costs. The types of changes to be considered by the work group include:

  • Adding new products
  • Increasing the choices in a particular food category
  • Improving product packaging
  • Changing the pack size of products
  • Eliminating a commodity
  • Revising the guide rate for a product
  • Improving the quality and nutrient profile of a commodity

Changes to the food package must be consistent with the Dietary Guidelines for Americans and practical to obtain regularly on a nationwide basis.

As agreed by the work group members, the work group operates within two-year review cycles. In the first year of the review cycle, the work group meets via conference calls/meetings on a bi-monthly basis, considers changes to the FDPIR food package, and recommends specific changes to FNS. In the second year of the review cycle, the approved changes are implemented by FNS and the work group monitors and evaluates how the changes are being accepted in the program. During the implementation phase, the work group does not meet on a regular schedule, but on an as needed basis in response to implementation issues that arise.

Page updated: July 09, 2024