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The Automated Inventory System (AIS) is built on the Micro Focus ACUCOBOL platform and is a distributed Microsoft Windows application that can be installed on a single PC or a shared network.

AIS enables Food Distribution Program on Indian Reservations (FDPIR) participating Indian Tribal Organizations (ITOs) or an agency of a state government to capture household data, track certification periods, issue USDA Foods to certified households, and maintain inventory.

AIS Version 09.2023

AIS enhancements are centered around the guide rate changes that will take place in September.

Installation Steps for AIS Version 09.2023
  1. Read the AIS September quarterly release notes.
  2. Read the installation instructions for AIS Windows and/or AIS E152.
  3. Download AIS Windows and/or AIS E152 and follow the installation instructions.
Quarterly Release Notes

Includes updates introduced into AIS as part of the scheduled quarterly release that occurs based on business needs and criticality of the required change, as well as continuous improvements to the AIS application.

Installation Instructions

Contains the steps required for the installation of the latest AIS update. Included are screenshots to help with the installation process.

Download AIS

Download AIS Windows Version 09.2023 below and follow the AIS Windows installation instructions if your organization certifies and issues to households. This will update the AIS Windows FDPSYS folder.

Download AIS E152 Version 09.2023 below and follow the AIS E152 installation instructions if your organization has multiple warehouses or does not certify and issue to households. This will update the AIS E152 AISWIN folder. The following ITOs should download AIS E152: Navajo and Oglala Sioux.

AIS Bar Codes

The barcodes provided in this booklet are the default values for each USDA Food by FFAVORS or WBSCM and AIS code number. These codes can be used whenever there are any USDA Foods that do not have a barcode or there are problems reading the barcode. The generic barcodes are setup in an easy to identify format. The codes use the UPC-A format and are 12 digits in length.

Notice of Option for Participants to Receive More Fruit in Lieu of Juice

Beginning March 1, 2019, the fruit and juice categories in the FDPIR Monthly Distribution Guide Rate will be combined into one category to provide participants with greater variety and flexibility.

Important Reference Information for AIS Users

The reference contains information about DoD Fresh material codes and descriptions of items to replace current FFF/F codes and descriptions in previous AIS versions.

The reference contains the steps to print and/or export reports to a printer, PDF, or Microsoft Excel.

The reference explains how to enter CARES Act Bonus Food transactions within AIS and the CARES Act Report.

The reference contains the steps required to update the sort feature in AIS.

The reference contains information about remaining issuance calculations for Food Groups One (Fruit-Juice-Vegetable) and Twelve (Grains/Pasta). Fields have been added to the issuance screens and the remaining shopping lists to assist AIS users in determining how much of the different food types are still available for food groups that have additional guide rate limits within the food group.

Service Desk Contact Information

To ensure the WBSCM Service Desk has all the information needed to begin analysis and identify possible solutions with minimal need for follow-up questions, please be sure to include as much detail as possible, including:

  • Detailed description of problem
  • Transaction and/or procedure being performed
  • Text of error message(s)
  • Screenshot(s)
  • Software version and system information

Please remember that USDA cannot use peer-to-peer connection software to remotely log in to an ITO’s network or computers to change data files and make changes to configurations. This type of software is prohibited due to security risks.

For AIS support, please contact the WBSCM Service Desk or call (877) 927-2648.