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Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Order Receipt System (FFAVORS)

Last Published: 12/14/2018

Maintenance Notice

FFAVORS is scheduled for maintenance every Sunday from 4:00 PM through 2:00 AM Central Time. The site may be unavailable for periods during this maintenance time.

Outbreak of E. coli Infections Linked to Romaine Lettuce

FDA update as of December 13, 2018:

The FDA has further refined the trace back investigation down to the farm level, which narrows the list of romaine growing areas that FDA recommends consumers and retailers avoid down to the following counties: Monterey, San Benito, and Santa Barbara.

Based on discussions with producers and distributors, romaine lettuce entering the market will now be voluntarily labeled with a harvest location and a harvest date or labeled as being hydroponically- or greenhouse-grown. If it does not have this information, you should not eat or use it.

San Luis Obispo, Santa Cruz and Ventura counties in California have been removed from the list at this time. Other growing areas, for example Florida, and the desert growing regions near Yuma and Imperial County, Riverside County do not appear to be related to the current outbreak.

Hydroponically- and greenhouse-grown romaine also does not appear to be related to the current outbreak. There is no recommendation for consumers or retailers to avoid using romaine harvested from these sources.

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IDs and Passwords

For access to FFAVORS, your current Department of Defense (DoD) Account Manager, DoD Field Representative, and/or DoD Contracting Specialist must establish a user profile for each new user within FFAVORS.

Once added to FFAVORS, an email notification to the user with step by step instructions on how to create the eAuthentication account will be generated. Without the profile in FFAVORS, the user will not gain access to the application. For those that have an eAuthentication ID, the user profile must still be created in FFAVORS before accessing the site.

If you have problems accessing FFAVORS or do not know your current DoD Account Manager, DoD Field Representative, and/or DoD Contracting Specialist, please contact the FFAVORS help desk.

Modify USDA eAuthentication Profile

The eAuthentication Home website provides a Quick Link for changes and updates to the required eAuthentication identifier information.

USDA Market News

The information captures the availability of fresh fruits and vegetables at major domestic wholesale markets, production areas, and ports of entry.  The reports assist customers by providing information when domestic produce items are in season, to evaluate market conditions, identify trends, and monitor price patterns.

Frequently Asked Questions and Help Desk

Answers commonly asked questions about FFAVORS and the eAuthentication process. Email the help desk with FFAVORS questions or login problems.

FFAVORS Request Tracker

FFAVORS administration and support application utilized by Defense Logistics Agency staff.