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Comment Request - Food Program Reporting System (FNS-583 and FNS-366B)

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The Food and Nutrition Service is consolidating certain programmatic and financial data reporting requirements under the Food Programs Reporting System, an electronic reporting system. The purpose is to give state agencies and Indian Tribal Organization (ITO) agencies one portal for the various reporting required for the programs that the state and ITO agencies operate.

Need and Use of the Information

The data collected will be used for a variety of purposes, mainly program evaluation, planning, audits, funding, research, regulatory compliance and general statistics. The data is gathered at various times, ranging from monthly, quarterly, annual or final submissions. Without the information, FNS would be unable to meet its legislative and regulatory reporting requirements for the affected programs. This specific revision is solely for forms FNS 583 and FNS 366B associated with rulemaking 0584 AE68.

Page updated: May 10, 2022