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FD Food Safety

Last Published: 12/18/2013


Food safety and security is an important aspect of the USDA nutrition assistance programs and the FNS Food Safety Unit coordinates food safety and security efforts for all these programs.



Email Notification for Potential USDA Foods - Food Safety Events

FNS has made arrangements to allow users to self register for email notifications for potential USDA Foods food safety events. 

Please click on the following link to self-register for email alerts of potential food issues from the USDA.  This service is provided free of charge and can be individually customized.


Reporting a Potential Food Safety Problem

If you suspect that a USDA food may be contaminated or harmful in some way, please do the following:

Visit the FNS Food Safety Website for additional food safety information and guidance for handling commodities suspected of being harmful or contaminated.  

Additional Food Safety Links