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Food Distribution

Commodity Acceptability Feedback

Last Published: 01/21/2014

 This page provides the survey results of the Commodity Acceptability Progress (CAP) Reports received from State distributing agencies for Fiscal Year/School Year 2004. The CAP surveys are conducted every two years. To view the most recent CAP Reports for a particular program, click on the applicable link below:


You can provide comments to USDA at any time on the acceptability and quality of USDA donated commodities received while participating in any of the FD Programs. Please e-mail your comments to the USDA National Food Distribution Office at:  

Reporting tips

  1. Please give the USDA Short Title name of the product used when placing food orders (e.g., Pork Roast) and the associated 4-digit Commodity Code (e.g., A672).  This information is listed in the USDA Commodity File that is used for ordering USDA commodities. 
  2. Indicate whether the product is acceptable or unacceptable.
  3. If the product is unacceptable, please be specific. For example:
  • Too much fat
  • Too salty
  • Excessive amount of bones
  • Cheese won't melt -- Kids don't like
  • Bad taste
  • Poor texture  
  • If the product is generally acceptable, but you have some suggestions on how it can be improved, please let us know that as well.

Official commodity acceptability surveys

We encourage States and program participants to let us know about the commodities that they like or don't like on an ongoing basis. However, by law, USDA is required to conduct formal surveys among State distributing agencies and Indian Tribal Organizations every two years to determine the acceptability of products distributed to eligible persons or families participating in Food Distribution Programs.  To review the results of the most recent Commodity Acceptability Progress (CAP) Reports conducted by USDA, please click HERE.

USDA Commodity Complaints

If you participate in the Food Distribution Programs and have a complaint about a commodity that was delivered to you, please click HERE.   

Thank you for taking the time to give us your feedback!  We want to provide good custom service to our States and program participants so please don't hesitate to let us know how we can improve our services or the quality of our products.