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The fiscal year (FY) 2024 Farm to School Grant Program request for applications (RFA) is now closed. To learn more, visit and review the FY 2024 RFA and supporting documents. We anticipate announcing awards in summer 2024. Please check back for more information on the FY 2025 Farm to School RFA, which is expected to be released in October.

This page provides updated resources, including webinars recorded to assist Farm to School applicants.

For additional funding opportunities for farm to school activities, visit the USDA AMS Grants, Loans and Other Support webpage.

Getting Started
  • "Getting Familiar with the Fiscal Year 2024 Patrick Leahy Farm to School Request for Applications": This webinar provides an overview of the FY 2024 Farm to School Grant Program Request for Applications (RFA), including updates to eligibility, funding priorities, and more. Get familiar with the requirements of the RFA and how to submit your completed application on
  • "Getting Your Grant Package Together": During this webinar, we will explore the key characteristics of competitive Farm to School grant applications. We will review the required components and provide technical assistance on how to submit a complete application. Attendees will learn tips and tricks for writing a succinct application that clearly outlines your farm to school project.
  • "Creating Successful Assessment Plans": This webinar provides guidance on how to create successful assessment plans for your grant proposals and projects.
  • "Planning Sustainable Projects": This webinar provides an overview of how to create a sustainable farm to school project along with resources and examples. It highlights how to write an application that showcases a project’s sustainability, encouraging projects to outlast farm to school grant funds and initiate a permanent impact in the community. This information may be used both during the grant planning process and as a general project planning resource.
  • "Identifying & Calculating Match": This webinar reviews the match requirements of the Farm to School grant program which includes identifying cash match sources, defining in-kind match, how to calculate a match and federal request amount, what are allowable and unallowable match sources, and a walk through of critical budget components of the Farm to School grant application.
  • "Preparing an Effective Grant Proposal": Farm to School Grant Program presents....the "Preparing an Effective Grant Proposal" webinar. This webinar will take you through strategies you can use to write an effective grant proposal, meaning it is aligned with the intent of the program and responsive to requirements, while communicating the intent of your project.
Application Materials
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Page updated: March 14, 2024