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Planning Toolkit - Food Safety

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How can we ensure the safety of farm fresh food? In this fifth webinar, we’ll share local food safety best practices, including identifying safety measures for school gardens and school salad bars. Joining us is Londa Nwadike, PhD, who serves as Extension Food Safety Specialist for both Kansas State University and the University of Missouri. She works with small-scale produce farmers, farmers market vendors, as well as schools and consumers on food safety-related issues.

Presentation Slides

webinar cover slide Intro to Farm to School: Planning and Building a Team
webinar cover slide Setting Goals and Establishing an Evaluation Baseline
webinar cover slide Finding and Buying Local Foods
webinar cover slide Farm to School Menu Planning
webinar cover slide Food Safety
webinar cover slide Promoting Your Farm to School Program
webinar cover slide School Gardening
webinar cover slide Curriculum Integration
webinar cover slide Program Sustainability
webinar cover slide Evaluating Your Program
webinar cover slide Tying It All Together and Digging In
Page updated: August 10, 2022