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Farm to School Grantee Progress Reports (2023 Grantees)

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The Farm to School Grant requires grantees to submit reports on their progress using the FNS-908 form. Here, you will find progress reports (FNS-908) for each of the Farm to School Grant types awarded in 2023 - State Agency, Implementation, and Turnkey tracks. These reports are intended exclusively for active 2023 Farm to School Grantees.

In order for the report to open properly, you must save it to your computer and open the file using ADOBE READER, then choose "enable all content" when prompted. These reports will not open in your web browser.

Again, these documents are only applicable to 2023 Farm to School grantees. If you are operating a Farm to School grant from a prior year, please refer to the reports that correspond with the year your grant was awarded.

Page updated: September 28, 2023