Last Published: 12/15/2013

Helpful sites for your summer program

21st Century Community Learning Centers - awards grants to school-based programs that provide safe havens for children when they are out of school.

Sites that benefit children and families

Insure Kids Now - links working families with uninsured children with the Children's Health Insurance Program in their state.  
Medicaid Program - provides health insurance for low-income people.
Temporary Assistance for Needy Families Program - provides assistance to needy families.

Nutrition-related sites

Center for Nutrition Policy and Promotion - gives you the Food Guide Pyramid and the Pyramid for Young Children; links research with nutritional needs.
Food and Nutrition Information Center - gives you information and educational materials in the area of food and human nutrition. - gives you a link to a wide-range of information on food, nutrition, and health.

Other Federal sites

Food and Drug Administration - regulates the information on food labels and standards of identity.
Office of Inspector General - investigates complaints of mismanagement of program funds. 
Office of Management and Budget - issues financial management circulars on Federal procurement and audit standards. 
Office of the Federal Register - publishes rules and notices to make the public aware of changes in SFSP regulations, income eligibility, and payments.

Visit your State Summer Food Service Program websites