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Errata Sheet-Preamble to CACFP Interim Rule

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Page 53508, 3rd column, start of last paragraph

Should read: “We proposed to continue requiring, at proposed § 226.6(b)(1)(i)(E) and (b)(1)(ii)(A)(1), that new and renewing institutions’ administrative budgets be submitted for State agency approval with their applications.”

Page 53511, 1st column, 2nd full paragraph, 2nd sentence

Should read: “The State agency’s determination of whether to request cash-in-lieu of commodities for some or all of their commodity entitlement must, according to the law, be based on the preferences of participating institutions.”

Page 53514, 3rd column, 2nd full paragraph, 1st sentence

Should read: “In fact, we intended only to require that the enrollment form be updated on an annual basis, or more frequently at the discretion of the sponsor or (with Food and Nutrition Service Regional Office approval in accordance with § 226.25(b)) the State agency.”

Page 53517, 3rd column, 2nd full paragraph

This is a title that should have been italicized to stand out: “Five-day reconciliation of claims.—“